Section 15 in The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005

Title: Programme Officer

Description: (1) At every Panchayat at intermediate level, the State Government shall appoint a person who is not below the rank of Block Development Officer with such qualifications and experience as may be determined by the State Government as Programme Officer at the Panchayat at intermediate level. (2) The Programme Officer shall assist the Panchayat at intermediate level in discharging its functions under this Act and any Scheme made thereunder. (3) The Programme Officer shall be responsible for matching the demand for employment with the employment opportunities arising from projects in the area under his jurisdiction. (4) The Programme Officer shall prepare a plan for the Block under his jurisdiction by consolidating the project proposals prepared by the Gram Panchayats and the proposals received from intermediate panchayats. (5) The functions of the Programme Officer shall include— (a) monitoring of projects taken up by the Gram Panchayats and other implementing agencies within the Block; (b) sanctioning and ensuring payment of unemployment allowance to the eligible households; (c) ensuring prompt and fair payment of wages to all labourers employed under a programme of the Scheme within the Block; (d) ensuring that regular social audits of all works within the jurisdiction of the Gram Panchayat are carried out by the Gram Sabha and that prompt action is taken on the objections raised in the social audit; (e) dealing promptly with all complaints that may arise in connection with the implementation of the Scheme within the Block; and (f) any other work as may be assigned to him by the District Programme Coordinator or the State Government. (6) The Programme Officers shall function under the direction, control and superintendence of the District Programme Coordinator. (7) The State Government may, by order, direct that all or any of the functions of a Programme Officer shall be discharged by the Gram Panchayat or a local authority.

Title: Responsibilities of the Gram Panchayats

Description: (1) The Gram Panchayat shall be responsible for identification of the projects in the Gram Panchayat area to be taken up under a Scheme as per the recommendations of the Gram Sabha and the Ward Sabhas and for executing and supervising such works. (2) A Gram Panchayat may take up any project under a Scheme within the area of the Gram Panchayat as may be sanctioned by the Programme Officer. (3) Every Gram Panchayat shall, after considering the recommendations of the Gram Sabha and the Ward Sabhas, prepare a development plan and maintain a shelf of possible works to be taken up under the Scheme as and when demand for work arises (4) The Gram Panchayat shall forward its proposals for the development projects including the order of priority between different works to the Programme Officer for scrutiny and preliminary approval prior to the commencement of the year in which it is proposed to be executed. (5) The Programme Officer shall allot at least fifty per cent. of the works in terms of its cost under a Scheme to be implemented through the Gram Panchayats. (6) The Programme Officer shall supply each Gram Panchayat with— (a) the muster rolls for the works sanctioned to be executed by it; and (b) a list of employment opportunities available elsewhere to the residents of the Gram Panchayat. (7) The Gram Panchayat shall allocate employment opportunities among the applicants and ask them to report for work. (8) The works taken up by a Gram Panchayat under a Scheme shall meet the required technical standards and measurements.

Title: Social audit of work by Gram Sabha

Description: (1) The Gram Sabha shall monitor the execution of works within the Gram Panchayat. (2) The Gram Sabha shall conduct regular social audits of all the projects under the Scheme taken up within the Gram Panchayat. (3) The Gram Panchayat shall make available all relevant documents including the muster rolls, bills, vouchers, measurement books, copies of sanction orders and other connected books of account and papers to the Gram Sabha for the purpose of conducting the social audit.

Title: Responsibilities of State Government in implementing Scheme

Description: The State Government shall make available to the District Programme Coordinator and the Programme Officers necessary staff and technical support as may be necessary for the effective implementation of the Scheme.

Title: Grievance redressal mechanism

Description: The State Government shall, by rules, determine appropriate grievance redressal mechanisms at the Block level and the district level for dealing with any complaint by any person in respect of implementation of the Scheme and lay down the procedure for disposal of such complaints.