Section 14 in The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005

Title: Appeals

Description: (1) Any person aggrieved by an order of the Controlling Authority refusing the licence under sub-section (4) of section 7 or renewal under sub-section (3) of section 8 or order of suspension of licence under sub-section (2) of section 13 or cancellation of licence under sub-section (1) of that section, may prefer an appeal against that order to the Home Secretary of the State Government within a period of sixty days of the date of such order: Provided that an appeal may be admitted after the expiry of the said period of sixty days if the appellant satisfies the State Government that he has sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal within that period. (2) Every appeal under sub-section (1) shall be made in such form as may be prescribed and shall be accompanied by a copy of the order appealed against. (3) Before disposing of an appeal, the State Government shall give the appellant a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

Title: Register to be maintained by a private security agency

Description: (1) Every private security agency shall maintain a register containing— (a) the names and addresses of the persons managing the private security agency; (b) the names, addresses, photographs and salaries of the private security guards and supervisors under its control; (c) the names and addresses of the persons whom it had provided private security guards or services; and (d) such other particulars as may be prescribed. (2) The Controlling Authority may call for such information as it considers necessary from any private security agency, supervisor or private security guard to ensure due compliance of the Act.

Title: Inspection of licence, etc

Description: The Controlling Authority or any other officer authorised by it in this behalf may at any reasonable time, enter the premises of the private security agency and inspect and examine the place of business, the records, accounts and other documents connected with the licence and may take copy of any document.

Title: Issue of photo identity card

Description: (1) Every private security guard shall be issued a photo identity card, by the private security agency employing or engaging the guard. (2) The photo identity card under sub-section (1) shall be issued in such form as may be prescribed. (3) Every private security guard or supervisor shall carry on his person the photo identity card issued under sub-section (1) and shall produce it on demand for inspection by the Controlling Authority or any other officer authorised by it in this behalf.

Title: Disclosure of information to unauthorised person

Description: (1) Any person who may be or has been employed or engaged as a private security guard by the private security agency shall not divulge to anyone other than the employer, or in such manner and to such person as the employer directs, any information acquired by him during such employment with respect to the work which he has been assigned by such employer, except such disclosure as may be required under this Act or in connection with any inquiry or investigation by the police or as may be required by an authority or process of law. (2) All private security guards of a private security agency shall render necessary assistance to the police or to such authority in the process of any investigation pertaining to the activities of that agency. (3) If violation of any law is noticed by any private security guard during the course of discharge of his duties, he shall bring it to the notice of his superior, who in turn shall inform the police either through his employer or agency or on his own

The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005