Section 24 in The Actuaries Act, 2006

Title: Removal of name from register.

Description: The Council may, by order, remove from the register the name of any member of the Institute— (a) who is dead; or (b) from whom a request has been received to that effect; or (c) who has not paid any specified fee required to be paid by him; or (d) who is found to have been subject to, at the time when his name was entered in the register, or who at any time thereafter has become subject to, any of the disqualifications mentioned in section 11; or (e) who for any other reason has ceased to be entitled to have his name borne on the register.

Title: Re-entry in register.

Description: The Council may re-enter the name of a member whose name has been removed from the register for reasons mentioned in clauses (b), (c), (d) and (e) of section 24, by an order, and on paying such fees, and after satisfying such conditions and requirements as may be specified.

Title: Disciplinary Committee

Description: (1) The Council shall constitute a Disciplinary Committee consisting of the President or the Vice-President of the Council as the Presiding Officer and two members of the Council elected by the Council and two members to be nominated by the Central Government from amongst the persons of eminence having experience in the field of law, education, economics, business, finance, accountancy or public administration: Provided that the Council may constitute more regional Disciplinary Committees as and when it deems fit. (2) The Disciplinary Committee in making the inquiry under the provisions of this Act shall follow such procedure and submit the report to the Council within such time as may be prescribed.

Title: Appointment of Prosecution Director

Description: (1) The Council may, by notification, appoint a Prosecution Director and such other employees to assist the Disciplinary Committee in making inquiries in respect of any information or complaint received by the Council under the provisions of this Act. (2) In order to make inquiries under the provisions of this Act, the Prosecution Director shall follow such procedure as may be prescribed.

Title: Authority, Council, Disciplinary Committee and Prosecution Director to have powers of civil court

Description: For the purposes of an inquiry under the provisions of this Act, the Authority, the Disciplinary Committee and the Prosecution Director shall have the same powers as are vested in a civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908), in respect of the following matters, namely:-- (a) summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person and examining him on oath; (b) the discovery and production of any document; and (c) receiving evidence on affidavit.