Section 15 in The Government Securities Act, 2006

Title: Power of Bank to require bonds

Description: (1) Before making any order which it is empowered to make under this Act, the Bank may require the person in whose favour the order is to be made to execute an indemnity bond with one or more sureties in such form as may be prescribed or to furnish security not exceeding twice the value of the subject-matter of the order, to be held at the disposal of the Bank, to pay to the Bank or any person to whom the Bank may assign the indemnity bond or security in furtherance of sub-section (2) the amount thereof. (2) A Court before which a claim in respect of the subject-matter of any such order is established may order the indemnity bond or security to be assigned to the successful claimant who shall thereupon be entitled to enforce the indemnity bond or realise the security to the extent of such claim.

Title: Publication of notices in Official Gazette

Description: Any notice required to be given by the Bank under this Act may be served by post, but every such notice shall also be published by the Bank in the Official Gazette or the Official Gazette of a State, according as the notice relates to a Government security, issued by the Central Government or a State Government, and on such publication shall be deemed to have been delivered to all persons for whom it is intended.

Title: Procedure and scope of vesting order

Description: (1) The Bank shall, while making a vesting order under section 7, section 10, section 11 or section 12, follow such procedure as may be prescribed. (2) An order made by the Bank under this Act may either confer full title to a Government security or a title only to the accrued and accruing interest on the Government security pending a further order vesting full title.

Title: Legal effect of orders made by Bank

Description: No recognition by the Bank of a person as the holder of a Government security, and no order made by the Bank under this Act shall be called in question by any Court so far as such recognition or order affects the relations of the Government or the Bank with the person recognised by the Bank as the holder of a Government security or with any person claiming an interest in such security; and any such recognition by the Bank of any person or any order by the Bank vesting a Government security in any person shall operate to confer on that person a title to the security subject only to his personal liability to the rightful owner of the security for money had and received on his account.

Title: Stay of proceedings on order of Court

Description: Where the Bank contemplates making with reference to any Government security any order which it is empowered to make under this Act, and before the order is made the Bank receives from a Court in India an order to stay the making of such order, the Bank shall either— (a) hold the security together with any interest unpaid or accruing thereon until further orders of the Court are received; or (b) apply to the Court to have the security transferred to the Official Trustees appointed for the State in which such Court is situated, pending the disposal of the proceedings before the Court.

The Government Securities Act, 2006