Section 28 in The Warehousing (Development and Regulation) Act, 2007

Title: Salary, allowances and other terms and conditions of Chairperson and other members

Description: Subject to the rules as may be made in this behalf, the salaries and allowances payable to, and other terms and conditions of service of— (a) the Chairperson shall be the same as that of a Secretary to the Government of India; (b) the other members of the Authority shall be the same as that of Joint Secretaries to the Government of India.

Title: Bar on future employment of members

Description: The Chairperson and the other members shall not, for a period of two years from the date on which they cease to hold office as such, except with the previous approval of the Central Government, accept any employment in any concern in the warehousing sector.

Title: Chairperson to be the chief executive of Authority

Description: The Chairperson shall be the chief executive of the Authority.

Title: Meetings of Authority

Description: (1) The Authority shall meet at such times and places and shall observe such rules of procedure in regard to transaction of business at its meetings (including the quorum at such meetings) as may be determined by regulations. (2) The Chairperson, or if, for any reason he is unable to attend a meeting of the Authority, any other member chosen by the members present from amongst themselves at the meeting shall preside at the meeting. (3) All questions which come up before any meeting of the Authority shall be decided by a majority of votes by the members present and voting, and in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson, or the person presiding shall have a second or casting vote.

Title: Vacancies, etc., not to invalidate proceedings of Authority

Description: No act or proceeding of the Authority shall be invalid merely by reason of— (a) any vacancy in, or any defect in the constitution of, the Authority; or (b) any defect in the appointment of a person acting as a member of the Authority; or (c) any irregularity in the procedure of the Authority not affecting the merits of the case.