Section 16 in The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007

Title: Appeals

Description: (1) Any senior citizen or a parent, as the case may be, aggrieved by an order of a Tribunal may, within sixty days from the date of the order, prefer an appeal to the Appellate Tribunal: Provided that on appeal, the children or relative who is required to pay any amount in terms of such maintenance order shall continue to pay to such parent the amount so ordered, in the manner directed by the Appellate Tribunal: Provided further that the Appellate Tribunal may, entertain the appeal after the expiry of the said period of sixty days, if it is satisfied that the appellant was prevented by sufficient cause from preferring the appeal in time. (2) On receipt of an appeal, the Appellate Tribunal shall, cause a notice to be served upon the respondent. (3) The Appellate Tribunal may call for the record of proceedings from the Tribunal against whose order the appeal is preferred. (4) The Appellate Tribunal may, after examining the appeal and the records called for either allow or reject the appeal. (5) The Appellate Tribunal shall, adjudicate and decide upon the appeal filed against the order of the Tribunal and the order of the Appellate Tribunal shall be final: Provided that no appeal shall be rejected unless an opportunity has been given to both the parties of being heard in person or through a dully authorised representative. (6) The Appellate Tribunal shall make an endeavour to pronounce its order in writing within one month of the receipt of an appeal. (7) A copy of every order made under sub-section (5) shall be sent to both the parties free of cost.

Title: Right to legal representation

Description: Notwithstanding anything contained in any law, no party to a proceeding before a Tribunal or Appellate Tribunal shall be represented by a legal practitioner.

Title: Maintenance Officer

Description: (1) The State Government shall designate the District Social Welfare or an officer not below the rank of a District Social Welfare Officer, by whatever name called as Maintenance Officer. (2) The Maintenance Officer referred to in sub-section (1), shall represent a parent if he so desires, during the proceedings of the Tribunal, or the Appellate Tribunal, as the case may be.

Title: Establishment of oldage homes

Description: 1) The State Government may establish and maintain such number of oldage homes at accessible places, as it may deem necessary, in a phased manner, beginning with at least one in each district to accommodate in such homes a minimum of one hundred fifty senior citizens who are indigent. (2) The State Government may, prescribe a scheme for management of old age homes, including the standards and various types of services to be provided by them which are necessary for medical care and means of entertainment to the inhabitants of such homes. Explanation.--For the purposes of this section, "indigent" means any senior citizen who is not having sufficient means, as determined by the State Government, from time to time, to maintain himself.

Title: Medical support for senior citizens

Description: The State Government shall ensure that,-- (i) the Government hospitals or hospitals funded fully or partially by the Government shall provide beds for all senior citizens as far as possible; (ii) separate queues be arranged for senior citizens; (iii) facility for treatment of chronic, terminal and degenerative diseases is expanded for senior citizens; (iv) research activities for chronic elderly diseases and ageing expanded; (v) there are earmarked facilities for geriatric patients in every district hospital dully headed by a medical officer with experience in geriatric care.