Section 7 in The Carriage by Road Act, 2007

Title: Submission of annual return

Description: The State Transport Authority in respect of each State or Union territory shall submit annually to the Ministry or Department of the Central Government dealing with road transport and highways a consolidated annual return giving the details of the goods carried by the common carriers in that State or the Union territory, as the case may be, on the basis of the returns received from the holders of the registration as specified under clause (c) of sub-section (7) of section 4.

Title: Goods forwarding note

Description: (1) Every consignor shall execute a goods forwarding note, in such form and manner as may be prescribed, which shall include a declaration about the value of the consignment and goods of dangerous or hazardous nature. (2) The consignor shall be responsible for the correctness of the particulars furnished by him in the goods forwarding note. (3) The consignor shall indemnify the common carrier against any damage suffered by him by reason of incorrectness or incompleteness of the particulars on the goods forwarding note.

Title: Goods receipt

Description: (1) A common carrier shall,-- (a) in case where the goods are to be loaded by the consignor, on the completion of such loading; or (b) in any other case, on the acceptance of the goods by him, issue a goods receipt in such form and manner as may be prescribed. (2) The goods receipt shall be issued in triplicate and the original shall be given to the consignor. (3) The goods receipt shall be prima facie evidence of the weight or measure and other particulars of the goods and the number of packages stated therein. (4) The goods receipt shall include an undertaking by the common carrier about the liability under section 10 or section 11.

Title: Liability of common carrier

Description: (1) The liability of the common carrier for loss of, or damage to any consignment, shall be limited to such amount as may be prescribed having regard to the value, freight and nature of goods, documents or articles of the consignment, unless the consignor or any person duly authorised in that behalf have expressly undertaken to pay higher risk rate fixed by the common carrier under section 11. (2) The liability of the common carrier in case of any delay up to such period as may be mutually agreed upon by and between the consignor and the common carrier and specifically provided in the goods forwarding note including the consequential loss or damage to such consignment shall be limited to the amount of freight charges where such loss, damage or delay took place while the consignment was under the charge of such carrier: Provided that beyond the period so agreed upon in the goods forwarding note, compensation shall be payable in accordance with sub-section (1) or section 11: Provided further that the common carrier shall not be liable if such carrier proves that such loss of, or damage to, the consignment or delay in delivery thereof, had not taken place due to his fault or neglect or that of his servants or agents thereof.

Title: Rates of charge to be fixed by common carrier for carriage of consignment at a higher risk rate

Description: Every common carrier may require payment for the higher risk undertaken by him in carrying a particular consignment at such rate of charge as he may fix and correspondingly, his liability would be in accordance with the terms as may be agreed upon with the consignor: Provided that to entitle such carrier to claim payment at a rate higher than his ordinary rate of charge, he should have exhibited a printed or written notice, in English and the vernacular language of the State, of the higher rate of charge in the place or premises where he carries on the business of common carrier.

The Carriage by Road Act, 2007