Section 141 in The Sashastra Seema Bal Act, 2007

Title: Informality or error in order or warrant

Description: Whenever any person is sentenced to imprisonment under this Act, and is undergoing the sentence in any place or manner in which he might be confined under a lawful order or warrant in pursuance of this Act, the confinement of such person shall not be deemed to be illegal only by reason of informality or error in, or as respects the order, warrant or other document, or the authority by which, or in pursuance whereof such person was brought into, or, is confined in any such place, and any such order, warrant or document may be amended accordingly.

Title: Pardon and remission

Description: When any person subject to this Act has been convicted by a Force Court of any offence, the Central Government or the Director-General or, in the case of a sentence, which he could have confirmed or which did not require confirmation, an officer not below the rank of Additional Deputy Inspector-General within whose command such person at the time of conviction was serving, or the prescribed officer may,– (a) either with or without conditions which the person sentenced accepts, pardon the person or remit the whole or any part of the punishments awarded; or (b) mitigate the punishment awarded; or (c) commute such punishment for any less punishment or punishments mentioned in this Act; or (d) either with or without conditions which the person sentenced accepts, release the person on parole.

Title: Cancellation of conditional pardons, release on parole or remission.

Description: (1) If any condition on which a person has been pardoned or released on parole or a punishment has been remitted is, in the opinion of the authority which granted the pardon, release or remission, not fulfilled, such authority may cancel the pardon, release or remission, and thereupon the sentence of the Court shall be carried into effect as if such pardon, release or remission had not been granted. (2) A person whose sentence of imprisonment is carried into effect under the provisions of subsection (1) shall undergo such imprisonment only for the unexpired portion of his sentence.

Title: Suspension of sentence of imprisonment.

Description: (1) Where a person subject to this Act is sentenced by a Force Court to imprisonment, the Central Government, the Director-General or any officer empowered to convene a General Force Court may suspend the sentence whether or not the offender has already been committed to prison or to Force custody. (2) The authority or officer specified in sub-section (1) may, in the case of an offender so sentenced direct that until the orders of such authority or officer have been obtained, the offender shall not be committed to prison or to Force custody. (3) The powers conferred by sub-sections (1) and (2) may be exercised in the case of any such sentence which has been confirmed, reduced or commuted.

Title: Orders pending suspension of sentence

Description: (1) Where the sentence referred to in section 144 is imposed by a Force Court other than a Summary Force Court, the confirming officer may, when confirming the sentence, direct that the offender be not committed to prison or to Force custody until the orders of the authority or officer specified in section 144 have been obtained. (2) Where a sentence of imprisonment is imposed by a Summary Force Court, the officer holding the trial may make the direction referred to in sub-section (1).