Section 137 in The Sashastra Seema Bal Act, 2007

Title: Execution of sentence of imprisonment in special cases

Description: Whenever, in the opinion of an officer not below the rank of Additional Deputy Inspector-General within whose command the trial is held, any sentence or portion of a sentence of imprisonment cannot for special reasons conveniently be carried out in Force custody in accordance with the provisions of section 135, such officer may direct that such sentence or portion of sentence shall be carried out by confinement in any civil prison or other fit place

Title: Conveyance of prisoner from place to place

Description: A person under sentence of imprisonment may during his conveyance from place to place or when on board a ship, aircraft, or otherwise, be subjected to such restraint as is necessary for his safe conduct and removal.

Title: Communication of certain orders to prison officers.

Description: Whenever an order is duly made under this Act setting aside or varying any sentence, order or warrant under which any person is confined in a civil prison, a warrant in accordance with such order shall be forwarded by the officer making the order or his staff officer or such other person as may be prescribed, to the officer in charge of the prison in which such person is confined.

Title: Recovery of fine

Description: When a sentence of fine is imposed by a Force Court under section 49, a copy of such sentence signed and certified by the confirming officer, or where no confirmation is required, by the officer holding the trial may be sent to any magistrate in India, and such magistrate shall thereupon cause the fine to be recovered in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974), as if it were a sentence of fine imposed by such magistrate.

Title: Informality or error in order or warrant

Description: Whenever any person is sentenced to imprisonment under this Act, and is undergoing the sentence in any place or manner in which he might be confined under a lawful order or warrant in pursuance of this Act, the confinement of such person shall not be deemed to be illegal only by reason of informality or error in, or as respects the order, warrant or other document, or the authority by which, or in pursuance whereof such person was brought into, or, is confined in any such place, and any such order, warrant or document may be amended accordingly.