Section 127 in The Sashastra Seema Bal Act, 2007

Title: Revision of finding or sentence

Description: (1) Any finding or sentence of a Force Court which requires confirmation may be once revised by order of the confirming authority and on such revision, the Court, if so directed by the confirming authority, may take additional evidence. (2) The Court on revision, shall consist of the same officers as were present when the original decision was passed unless any of those officers are unavoidably absent. (3) In case of such unavoidable absence the cause thereof shall be duly certified in the proceedings and the Court shall proceed with the revision provided that, in the case of a General Force Court it consists of five officers and in the case of a Petty Force Court, of three officers.

Title: Finding and sentence of a Summary Force Court

Description: The finding and sentence of a Summary Force Court shall not require to be confirmed, but may be carried out forthwith.

Title: Transmission of proceedings of Summary Force Court

Description: The proceedings of every Summary Force Court shall be forwarded without delay to the officer not below the rank of Additional Deputy Inspector-General within whose command the trial was held, or to the prescribed officer, and such officer, or the Director-General or any officer empowered by him in this behalf may, for reasons based on the merits of the case, but not on merely technical grounds, set aside the proceedings, or reduce the sentence to any other sentence which the Court might have passed.

Title: Alteration of finding or sentence in certain cases

Description: (1) Where a finding of guilty by a Force Court, which has been confirmed or which does not require confirmation, is found for any reason to be invalid or cannot be supported by the evidence, the authority which would have had power under section 142 to commute the punishment awarded by the sentence, if the finding had been valid may substitute a new finding and pass a sentence for the offence specified or involved in such finding: Provided that no such substitution shall be made unless such finding could have been validly made by the Force Court on the charge and unless it appears that the Force Court must have been satisfied of the facts establishing the said offence. (2) Where a sentence passed by a Force Court which has been confirmed, or which does not require confirmation, not being a sentence passed in pursuance of a new finding substituted under sub-section (1), is found for any reason to be invalid, the authority referred to in sub-section (1) may pass a valid sentence. (3) The punishment awarded by a sentence passed under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) shall not be higher in the scale of punishments than, or in excess of, the punishment awarded by, the sentence for which a new sentence is substituted under this section. (4) Any finding substituted, or any sentence passed, under this section shall, for the purposes of this Act and the rules, have effect as if it were a finding or sentence, as the case may be, of a Force Court.

Title: Petition against order, finding or sentence of Force Court

Description: (1) Any person subject to this Act who considers himself aggrieved by any order passed by any Force Court may present a petition to the officer or authority empowered to confirm any finding or sentence of such Force Court, and the confirming authority may take such steps as may be considered necessary to satisfy itself as to the correctness, legality or propriety of the order passed or as to the regularity of any proceeding to which the order relates. (2) Any person subject to this Act who considers himself aggrieved by a finding or sentence of any Force court which has been confirmed, may present a petition to the Central Government, the DirectorGeneral or any prescribed officer superior in command to the one who confirmed such finding or sentence, and the Central Government, the Director-General, or the prescribed officer, as the case may be, may pass such order thereon as it or he thinks fit.