Section 123 in The Sashastra Seema Bal Act, 2007

Title: Power to confirm finding and sentence of Petty Force Court

Description: The findings and sentences of a Petty Force Court may be confirmed by an officer having power to convene a General Force Court or by any officer empowered in this behalf by warrant of such officer.

Title: Limitation of powers of confirming authority

Description: A warrant issued under section 122 or section 123 may contain such restrictions, reservations or condition as the authority issuing it may think fit.

Title: Power of confirming authority to mitigate, remit or commute sentences

Description: Subject to such restrictions, reservations or conditions, as may be contained in any warrant issued under section 122 or section 123, a confirming authority may, when confirming the sentence of a Force Court, mitigate or remit the punishment thereby awarded or commute that punishment for any punishment or punishments lower in the scale laid down in section 51.

Title: Confirming of findings and sentences on board a ship

Description: When any person subject to this Act is tried and sentenced by a Force Court while on board a ship, the finding and sentence so far as not confirmed and executed on board the ship, may be confirmed and executed in like manner as if such person had been tried at the port of disembarkation.

Title: Revision of finding or sentence

Description: (1) Any finding or sentence of a Force Court which requires confirmation may be once revised by order of the confirming authority and on such revision, the Court, if so directed by the confirming authority, may take additional evidence. (2) The Court on revision, shall consist of the same officers as were present when the original decision was passed unless any of those officers are unavoidably absent. (3) In case of such unavoidable absence the cause thereof shall be duly certified in the proceedings and the Court shall proceed with the revision provided that, in the case of a General Force Court it consists of five officers and in the case of a Petty Force Court, of three officers.