Section 79 in The Sashastra Seema Bal Act, 2007

Title: Warrants issued under sections 77 and 78.

Description: A warrant issued under section 77 or section 78 may contain such restrictions, reservations or conditions as the officer issuing it may think fit.

Title: Composition of a General Force Court

Description: A General Force Court shall consist of not less than five officers.

Title: Composition of a Petty Force Court

Description: A Petty Force Court shall consist of not less than three officers.

Title: Summary Force Court

Description: (1) A Summary Force Court may be held by the commanding officer of any unit and he alone shall constitute the Court. (2) The proceedings shall be attended throughout by two other persons who shall be officers or subordinate officers or one of either, and who shall not as such, be sworn or affirmed.

Title: Dissolution of a Force Court

Description: (1) If a Force Court after the commencement of a trial is reduced below the minimum number of officers required by this Act, it shall be dissolved. (2) If, on account of the illness of the concerned Judge Attorney or, as the case may be, Deputy Judge Attorney-General or Additional Judge Attorney-General or of the accused before the finding, it is impossible to continue the trial, the Force Court shall be dissolved. (3) The authority or officer who convened a Force Court may dissolve the same if it appears to him that the exigencies of the service or necessities of discipline render it impossible or inexpedient to continue the said Force Court. (4) Where a Force Court is dissolved under this section, the accused may be tried again.