Section 50 in The Sashastra Seema Bal Act, 2007

Title: Civil offences not triable by a Force Court

Description: A person subject to this Act who commits an offence of murder or culpable homicide not amounting to murder against, or of rape in relation to, a person not subject to this Act shall not be deemed to be guilty of an offence under this Act and shall not be tried by a Force Court, unless he commits any of the said offences– (a) while on active duty; or (b) at any place outside India; or (c) at any place specified by the Central Government by notification, in this behalf.

Title: Punishment by Force Courts

Description: (1) Punishments may be inflicted in respect of offences committed by persons subject to this Act and convicted by Force Courts according to the scale following, namely:– (a) death; (b) imprisonment which may be for the term of life or any other lesser term but excluding imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months in Force custody; (c) dismissal or removal from the service; (d) compulsory retirement from the service; (e) imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months in Force custody; (f) reduction to the ranks or to a lower rank or grade or a place in the list of their rank in the case of an under-officer; (g) reduction to next lower rank in case of an officer or subordinate officer: Provided that no officer shall be reduced to a rank lower than the one to which he was initially appointed; (h) forfeiture of seniority of rank and forfeiture of all or any part of the service for the purpose of promotion; (i) forfeiture of service for the purpose of increased pay or pension; (j) fine, in respect of civil offences; (k) severe reprimand or reprimand except in the case of persons below the rank of an underofficer; (l) forfeiture of pay and allowances for a period not exceeding three months for an offence committed on active duty; (m) forfeiture in the case of person sentenced to dismissal from the service of all arrears of pay and allowances and other public money due to him at the time of such dismissal; (n) stoppage of pay and allowances until any proved loss or damage occasioned by the offence for which he is convicted is made good. (2) Each of the punishments specified in sub-section (1) shall be deemed to be inferior in degree to every punishment preceding it in the above scale.

Title: Alternative punishments by Force Courts

Description: Subject to the provisions of this Act, a Force Court may, on convicting a person subject to this Act of any of the offences specified in sections 16 to 48 (both inclusive) award either the particular punishment with which the offence is stated in the said sections to be punishable or, in lieu thereof, any one of the punishments lower in the scale set out in section 51 regard being had to the nature and degree of the offence.

Title: Combination of punishments

Description: A Force Court may award in addition to, or without, any other punishment, the punishment specified in clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 51 or any one or more of the punishments specified in clauses (f) to (n) of that sub-section.

Title: Retention in the Force of a person convicted on active duty

Description: When on active duty an enrolled person has been sentenced by a Force Court to imprisonment whether combined with dismissal or not, the prescribed officer may direct that such person may be retained to serve in the ranks, and such service shall be reckoned as part of his term of imprisonment.