Section 5 in The Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animals Act, 2009

Title: Duty to segregate infected animals

Description: (1) Every owner or person in charge of an animal, which he has reason to believe is infective of a scheduled disease, shall segregate such animal and have it kept in a place away from all other animals which are healthy, and take all possible steps to prevent the infected animal from coming in contact with any other animal. (2) The owner or other person in charge of, or having control over, the animal referred to in sub-section (1) shall confine that animal and prevent it from grazing in a common place or to drink water from any common source including a vessel, pond, lake or river. (3) All other infected animals shall be segregated by the Municipality, Panchayat or other local administration.

Title: Notification of controlled areas and free areas

Description: (1) The State Government may, with the object of preventing, controlling or eradicating any scheduled disease, by notification, declare any area to be a controlled area in respect of any scheduled disease affecting any species of animal and any other species that may be susceptible to the disease specified in the said notification. (2) The State Government shall also cause the substance of the notification issued under sub-section (1) to be published in a local newspaper in the vernacular language and by declaration in loud voice and by beating drums in the area. (3) Where a notification has been issued under sub-section (1), all animals of the species in the controlled area shall be subjected to compulsory vaccination against that disease, and be subjected to such other measures against the disease, in such manner and within such time as the State Government, may, by public notice, direct. (4) The State Government shall make available necessary vaccine and it shall be obligatory on the part of every owner, or the person in charge of an animal which is required to be vaccinated under sub-section (3), to get the animal compulsorily vaccinated. (5) Where the State Government is satisfied, on a report received from the Director or otherwise, that, in any controlled area, any of the scheduled diseases affecting any species of animal is no longer prevalent, it may, by notification, declare the area to be a free area in respect of that disease in relation to the particular species of animal. (6) Where a notification has been issued under sub-section (5), no animal of the species or of any other susceptible species with regard to which it is a free area shall be allowed to enter the free area unless duly immunized by vaccination against that particular disease.

Title: Prohibition of movement of animals from controlled area

Description: (1) Where a notification has been issued under sub-section (1) of section 6 declaring any area as a controlled area in relation to any disease affecting any species of animals, no animal belonging to that species shall be moved from the place where it is kept. (2) The Director may, for the purpose of control, prevention or eradication of any scheduled disease, in respect of any area, by order published in the Official Gazette, prohibit the movement of all animals belonging to any species specified therein, from the place where it is kept, to any other place. (3) Nothing contained in sub-sections (1) and (2) shall be deemed to prohibit— (a) the movement of any animal referred to therein, from the place where it is kept, to the nearest place where it can be got vaccinated, so long as the animal is being moved for the purpose of its immunization by vaccination; or (b) the movement of any such animal, so long as it is accompanied by a valid certificate of vaccination to indicate that the animal is duly immunized against the particular disease and it bears proper mark of such vaccination.

Title: Vaccination, marking and issue of vaccination certificate

Description: (1) The vaccine to an animal may be administered by any person competent under the law for the time being in force to administer it, and issue a certificate of administration of vaccination. (2) Where any animal has been vaccinated for any scheduled disease in compliance with the provisions of sub-section (1), the person vaccinating the animal shall cause to put a mark by branding, tattooing or ear tagging, or in such other manner as the Director may, by general or special order, direct and the same shall, unless otherwise specified by the Director, shall not be removed. (3) The authority issuing a certificate of vaccination shall specify the date of vaccination, dates of manufacture and expiry of the vaccine and the date up to which the vaccination of the animal with the particular vaccine shall be valid.

Title: Contents of vaccination certificate

Description: Every vaccination certificate issued under this Act shall be in such form and shall contain such particulars as may be prescribed by the Central Government.