Section 6 in The Collection of Statistics Act, 2008

Title: Duty of informants

Description: The informants who are asked to furnish any information under the provisions of this Act shall be bound to furnish the information so asked in the prescribed manner to the best of knowledge or belief; and in cases where only a portion of a particular class or group of persons or units is asked to furnish information because of any sampling procedure, it shall not be a defence in failure on the part of any informant to furnish that information, if so asked.

Title: All agencies to assist

Description: Every agency shall render such help and assistance and furnish such information to the statistics officer or a person or an agency authorised by him in writing, as he may require for the discharge of his functions, and shall make available for inspection and examination of such records, plans and other documents, as may be necessary.

Title: Right of access to records or documents.

Description: The statistics officer or any person authorised by him in writing in this behalf shall, for the purposes of collection of any statistics under this Act, have access to any relevant record or document in the possession of any informant required to furnish any information under this Act, and may enter at any reasonable time any premises where he believes such record or document is kept and may inspect or take copies of relevant records or documents or ask any question necessary for obtaining any information required to be furnished under this Act.

Title: Security of information

Description: 1["(1) The statistics officer or any person or agencies authorised under this Act shall, for statistical purposes, use any information furnished under section 6 in such manner as may be prescribed.]. (2) No person other than a person engaged in the work of collection of statistics under this Act or preparation of statistics resultant to such collection shall be permitted to see any information schedule or any answer to a question asked, except for the purposes of a prosecution under this Act. (3) No information contained in any information schedule and no answer to any question asked shall, except for the purposes of a prosecution under this Act, be separately published, or disclosed without suppressing the identification of informants to any agency. (4) All statistical information published by any agency shall be arranged in such a manner so as to prevent any particulars becoming identifiable by any person (other than the informant by whom those particulars were supplied) as the particulars relating to the informant who supplied it, even through the process of elimination, unless (a) that informant has consented to their publication in that manner; or (b) their publication in that manner could not reasonably have been foreseen by the concerned agency or any employee thereof. (5) For the purposes of sub-section (4), the Central Government may make such rules or make such arrangement, as it may consider necessary. 1. Subs. by Act 21 of 2017, s. 5, for "sub-section (1)" (w.e.f. 3-10-2017).

Title: Appropriate Government authorised to disclose certain information.

Description: Notwithstanding the provisions contained in section 9 of this Act, the appropriate Government may disclose the following information, namely:-- (a) information supplied by informant in respect of which disclosure is consented to in writing by the informant or by any person authorised by the said informant; (b) information otherwise available to the public under any Act or as a public document; (c) information in the form of an index or list of the names and addresses of informants together with the classification, if any, allotted to them and the number of persons engaged.