Section 3 in The South Asian University Act, 2008

Title: Provisions of Agreement to have force of law

Description: Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in any other law, the provisions of the Agreement set out in the Schedule shall have the force of law in India.

Title: Incorporation of South Asian University

Description: (1) With effect from such date as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint in this behalf, there shall be established, for the purposes of giving effect to provisions of the Agreement, a University to be called as South Asian University. (2) The University shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal and shall sue and be sued by the said name. (3) The Headquarters of the University shall be at Delhi. (4) The University may establish or maintain campuses and centres at such other places within India and outside India in the SAARC region as it may deem fit.

Title: Jurisdiction

Description: The jurisdiction of the University shall extend to whole of India and to campuses and centres established outside India in the SAARC region: Provided that where the University establishes and maintains any campus or centre outside India at any place in the SAARC region, then the jurisdiction of the University shall extend to such campus or centre, subject to the provision of the Agreement and laws in force in any of the Member States within which such campus or centre is situated.

Title: Governing Board

Description: (1) There shall be a Governing Board of the University consisting of two members from each of the Member States of the SAARC and the President of the University: Provided that until the first Governing Board is formed, the Inter-Governmental Steering Committee of the SAARC shall function as an interim Governing Board. (2) The Governing Board shall be headed by the Chairperson who shall be elected from amongst the members of the Governing Board. (3) The members of the Governing Board shall be selected in such manner and for such term as provided in Article 5 of the Schedule. (4) The President of the University shall be the ex officio member of the Governing Board. (5) The Governing Board shall be responsible for all the policies and directions of the University and management of its affairs. (6) The Chairperson of the Board shall exercise such powers as may be prescribed by the Statutes.

Title: Objectives of University

Description: The objectives of the University shall be— (a) to disseminate and advance knowledge, wisdom and understanding by providing instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit; (b) to take appropriate measures for promoting innovations in teaching-learning process, inter-disciplinary studies and application of knowledge to social advancement, and human welfare and to the promotion of regional peace and security; (c) to impart liberal and humane education towards capacity building of the South Asian nations in the domain of science, technology and other areas of higher learning vital for improving their quality of life and to give students the analytical tools needed for the pursuit of profession and inculcate in them the quality of leadership; (d) to foster in the students sound civic sense and to train them to become useful citizens of democratic societies; (e) to build a South Asian community of learning where students from countries of South Asia are able to develop their fullest intellectual potential and to create a South Asian community by strengthening regional consciousness; and (f) to harmonise the academic standards and accreditation norms in teaching, research and curriculum that are acceptable to all Member States.

The South Asian University Act, 2008