Section 29 in The Transfer of Property Act, 1882

Title: Fulfilment of condition subsequent.

Description: An ulterior disposition of the kind contemplated by the last preceding section cannot, take effect unless the condition is strictly fulfilled. Illustrations A transfers Rs. 500 to B, to be paid to him on his attaining his majority or marrying, with a proviso that, if B dies a minor or marries without C's consent, the Rs. 500 shall go to D. B marries when only 17 years of age, without C's consent. The transfer to D takes effect.

Title: Prior disposition not affected by invalidity of ulterior disposition.

Description: If the ulterior disposition is not valid, the prior disposition is not affected by it. Illustrations A transfers a farm to B for her life, and, if she do not desert her husband to C. B is entitled to the farm during her life as if no condition had been inserted.

Title: Condition that transfer shall cease to have effect in case specified uncertain event happens or does not happen

Description: Subject to the provisions of section 12, on a transfer of property an interest therein may be created with the condition superadded that it shall cease to exist in case a specified uncertain event shall happen, or in case a specified uncertain event shall not happen. Illustrations (a) A transfers a farm to B for his life, with a proviso that, in case B cuts down a certain wood, the transfer shall cease to have any effect. B cuts down the wood. He loses his life-interest in the farm. (b) A transfers a farm to B, provided that, if B shall not go to England within three years after the date of the transfer, his interest in the farm shall cease. B does not go to England within the term prescribed. His interest in the farm ceases.

Title: Such condition must not be invalid.

Description: In order that a condition that an interest shall cease to exist may be valid, it is necessary that the event to which it relates be one which could legally constitute the condition of the creation of an interest.

Title: Transfer conditional on performance of act, no time being specified for performance.

Description: Where, on a transfer of property, an interest therein is created subject to a condition that the person taking it shall perform a certain act, but no time is specified for the performance of the act, the condition is broken when he renders impossible, permanently or for an indefinite period, the performance of the act.

CHAPTER 2 OF TRANSFERS OF PROPERTY BY ACT OF PARTIES (A) Transfer of property, whether moveable or immoveable