Section 21 in The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010

Title: Intimation by candidate for election.

Description: Every candidate for election, who had received any foreign contribution, at any time within one hundred and eighty days immediately preceding the date on which he is duly nominated as such candidate, shall give, within such time and in such manner as may be prescribed, an intimation to the Central Government or prescribed authority or both as to the amount of foreign contribution received by him, the source from which, and the manner in which, such foreign contribution was received and the purposes for which and the manner in which such foreign contribution was utilised by him.

Title: Disposal of assets created out of foreign contribution.

Description: Where any person who was permitted to accept foreign contribution under this Act, ceases to exist or has become defunct, all the assets of such person shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions contained in any law for the time being in force under which the person was registered or incorporated, and in the absence of any such law, the Central Government may, having regard to the nature of assets created out of foreign contribution received under this Act, by notification, specify that all such assets shall be disposed off by such authority, as it may specify, in such manner and procedure as may be prescribed.

Title: Inspection of accounts or records.

Description: If the Central Government has, for any reason, to be recorded in writing, any ground to suspect that any provision of this Act has been or is being, contravened by— (a) any political party; or (b) any person; or (c) any organisation; or (d) any association, it may, by general or special order, authorise such gazetted officer, holding a Group A post under the Central Government or such other officer or authority or organisation, as it may think fit (hereinafter referred to as the inspecting officer), to inspect any account or record maintained by such political party, person, organisation or association, as the case may be, and thereupon every such inspecting officer shall have the right to enter in or upon any premises at any reasonable hour, before sunset and after sunrise, for the purpose of inspecting the said account or record.

Title: Seizure of accounts or records.

Description: If, after inspection of an account or record referred to in section 23, the inspecting officer has any reasonable cause to believe that any provision of this Act or of any other law relating to foreign exchange has been, or is being, contravened, he may seize such account or record and produce the same before the court, authority or tribunal in which any proceeding is brought for such contravention: Provided that the authorised officer shall return such account or record to the person from whom it was seized if no proceeding is brought within six months from the date of such seizure for the contravention disclosed by such account or record.

Title: Seizure of article or currency or security received in contravention of the Act.

Description: If any gazetted officer, authorised in this behalf by the Central Government by general or special order, has any reason to believe that any person has in his possession or control any article exceeding the value specified in sub-clause (i) of clause (h) of sub-section (1) of section 2 or currency or security whether Indian or foreign, in relation to which any provision of this Act has been or is being, contravened, he may seize such article or currency or security.