Section 19 in The Legal Metrology Act, 2009

Title: Registration for importer of weight or measure.

Description: No person shall import any weight or measure unless he is registered with the Director in such manner and on payment of such fees, as may be prescribed.

Title: Non-standard weights and measures not to be imported.

Description: No weight or measure, whether singly or as a part or component of any machine shall be imported unless it conforms to the standards of weight or measure established by or under this Act.

Title: Training in Legal Metrology.

Description: (1) For imparting training in Legal Metrology and other allied branches of knowledge the "Indian Institute of Legal Metrology" (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute") established under the provisions of the Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976 (60 of 1976), shall be deemed to have been established under the corresponding provisions of this Act. (2) The management and control of the Institute, the teaching staff and other employees, the courses and curricula for training thereat, the qualifications, which a person shall possess in order to be eligible for admission thereto shall be such as may be prescribed.

Title: Approval of model.

Description: Every person, before manufacturing or importing any weight or measure shall seek the approval of model of such weight or measure in such manner, on payment of such fee and from such authority as may be prescribed: Provided that such approval of model may not be required in respect of any cast iron, brass, bullion, or carat weight or any beam scale, length measures (not being measuring tapes) which are ordinarily used in retail trade for measuring textiles or timber, capacity measures, not exceeding twenty litre in capacity, which are ordinarily used in retail trade for measuring kerosene, milk or potable liquors: Provided further that the prescribed authority may, if he is satisfied that the model of any weight or measure which has been approved in a country outside India conforms to the standards established by or under this Act, approve such model without any test or after such test as he may deem fit.

Title: Prohibition on manufacture, repair or sale of weight or measure without licence.

Description: (1) No person shall manufacture, repair or sell, or offer, expose or possess for repair or sale, any weight or measure unless he holds a licence issued by the Controller under sub-section (2): Provided that no licence to repair shall be required by a manufacturer for repair of his own weight or measure in a State other than the State of manufacture of the same. (2) For the purpose of sub-section (1), the Controller shall issue a licence in such form and manner, on such conditions, for such period and such area of jurisdiction and on payment of such fee as may be prescribed.