Section 25 in The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010

Title: Verification of application

Description: The clinical establishment shall submit evidence of having complied with the prescribed minimum standards in such manner, as may be prescribed.

Title: Display of information for filing objections

Description: As soon as the clinical establishment submits the required evidence of having complied with the prescribed minimum standards, the authority shall cause to be displayed for information of the public at large and for filing objections, if any, in such manner, as may be prescribed, all evidence submitted by the clinical establishment of having complied with the prescribed minimum standards for a period of thirty days before processing for grant of permanent registration.

Title: Communication of objections

Description: If objections are received within the period referred to in the preceding section, such objections shall be communicated to the clinical establishment for response within a period of forty-five days.

Title: Standards for permanent registration

Description: Permanent registration shall be granted only when a clinical establishment fulfils the prescribed standards for registration by the Central Government.

Title: Allowing or disallowing of registration

Description: The authority shall pass an order immediately after the expiry of the prescribed period and within the next thirty days thereafter either— (a) allowing the application for permanent registration; or (b) disallowing the application: Provided that the authority shall record its reasons, if it disallows an application, for permanent registration.