Section 17 in The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010

Title: Validity of provisional registration

Description: Subject to the provisions of section 23, every provisional registration shall be valid to the last day of the twelfth month from the date of issue of the certificate of registration and such registration shall be renewable.

Title: Display of certificate of registration

Description: The certificate shall be kept affixed in a conspicuous place in the clinical establishment in such manner so as to be visible to every one visiting such establishment.

Title: Duplicate certificate

Description: In case the certificate is lost, destroyed, mutilated or damaged, the authority shall issue a duplicate certificate on the request of the clinical establishment and on the payment of such fees as may be prescribed.

Title: Certificate to be non-transferable

Description: (1) The certificate of registration shall be non-transferable. (2) In the event of change of ownership or management, the clinical establishment shall inform the authority of such change in such manner as may be prescribed. (3) In the event of change of category, or location, or on ceasing to function as a clinical establishment, the certificate of registration in respect of such clinical establishment shall be surrendered to the authority and the clinical establishment shall apply afresh for grant of certificate of registration

Title: Publication of expiry of registration.

Description: The authority shall cause to be published within such time and in such manner, as may be prescribed, the names of clinical establishments whose registration has expired.