Section 11 in The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981

Title: Constitution of committees.

Description: (1) A Board may constitute as many committees consisting wholly of members or partly of members and partly of other persons and for such purpose or purposes as it may think fit. (2) A committee constituted under this section shall meet at such time and at such place, and shall observe such rules of procedure in regard to the transaction of business at its meetings, as may be prescribed. (3) The members of a committee other than the members of the Board shall be paid such fees and allowances, for attending its meetings and for attending to any other work of the Board as may be prescribed.

Title: Temporary association of persons with Board for particular purpose.

Description: (1) A Board may associate with itself in such manner, and for such purposes, as may be prescribed, any person whose assistance or advice it may desire to obtain in performing any of its functions under this Act. (2) A person associated with the Board under sub-section (1) for any purpose shall have a right to take part in the discussions of the Board relevant to that purpose, but shall not have a right to vote at a meeting of the Board and shall not be a member of the Board for any other purpose. (3) A person associated with a Board under sub-section (1) shall be entitled to receive such fees and allowances as may be prescribed.

Title: Vacancy in Board not to invalidate acts or proceedings.

Description: No act or proceeding of a Board or any committee thereof shall be called in question on the ground merely of the existence of any vacancy in, or any defect in the constitution of, the Board or such committee, as the case may be.

Title: Member-secretary and officers and other employees of State Boards.

Description: (1) The terms and conditions of service of the member-secretary of a State Board constituted under this Act shall be such as may be prescribed. 1[(2) The member-secretary of a State Board, whether constituted under this Act or not, shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be prescribed, or as may, from time to time, be delegated to him by the State Board or its Chairman.] (3) subject to such rules as may be made by the State Government in this behalf, a State Board, whether constituted under this Act or not, may appoint such officers and other employees as it considers necessary for the efficient performance of its functions under this Act. (4) The method of appointment, the conditions of service and the scales of pay of the officers (other than the member-secretary) and other employees of a State Board appointed under sub-section (3) shall be such as may be determined by regulations made by the State Board under this Act. (5) Subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, a State Board constituted under this Act may from time to time appoint any qualified person to be a consultant to the Board and pay him such salary and allowances or fees, as it thinks fit. 1 Subs. by Act 47 of 1987, s. 6, for sub-section (2) (w.e.f. 1-4-1988).

Title: Delegation of powers.

Description: A State Board may, by general or special order, delegate to the Chairman or the member-secretary or any other officer of the Board subject to such conditions and limitations, if any,as may be specified in the order, such of its powers and functions under this Act as it may deem necessary.