Section 52 in The Prisons Act, 1894

Title: Procedure on committal of heinous offence.

Description: If any prisoner is guilty of any offence against prison-discipline which, by reason of his having frequently committed such offences or otherwise, in the opinion of the Superintendent, is not adequately punishable by the infliction of any punishment which he has power under this Act to award, the Superintendent may forward such prisoner to the Court of the District Magistrate or of any Magistrate of the first class 1[or Presidency Magistrate] having jurisdiction, together with a statement of the circumstances, and such Magistrate shall thereupon inquire into and try the charge so brought against the prisoner, and, upon conviction, may sentence him to imprisonment which may extend to one year, such term to be in addition to any term for which such prisoner was undergoing imprisonment when he committed such offence, or may sentence him to any of the punishments enumerated in section 46 2[Provided that any such case may be transferred for inquiry and trial by the District Magistrate to any Magistrate of the first class and by a Chief Presidency Magistrate to any other Presidency Magistrate : and] Provided also that no person shall be punished twice for the same offence. 1 . Ins. by Act 13 of 1910, s. 2. 2. Subs. by s. 2, ibid., for the proviso.

Title: Whipping

Description: (1) No punishment of whipping shall be inflicted in instalments, or except in the presence of the Superintendent and Medical Officer or Medical Subordinate. (2) Whipping shall be inflicted with a light ratan not less than half an inch in diameter on the buttocks, and in case of prisoners under the age of sixteen it shall be inflicted, in the way of school discipline, with a lighter ratan. STATE AMENDMENT Assam. Amendment of Section 53 of Act 9 of 1894.--Section 53 of the Principal Act shall be omitted. [Vide Assam Act 12 of 1956, s. 6.]

Title: Offences by prison-subordinates.

Description: (1) Every Jailor or officer of a prison subordinate to him who shall be guilty of any violation of duty or wilful breach or neglect of any rule or regulation or lawful order made by competent authority, or who shall withdraw from the duties of his office without permission, or without having given previous notice in writing of his intention for the period of two months, or who shall wilfully overstay any leave granted to him, or who shall engage without authority in any employment other than his prison-duty, or who shall be guilty of cowardice, shall be liable, on conviction before a Magistrate, to fine not exceeding two hundred rupees, or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months, or to both. (2) No person shall under this section be punished twice for the same offence.

Title: Extramural custody, control and employment of prisoners.

Description: A prisoner, when being taken to or from any prison in which he may be lawfully confined, or whenever he is working outside or is otherwise beyond the limits of any such prison in or under the lawful custody or control of a prisonofficer belonging to such person, shall be deemed to be in prison and shall be subject to all the same incidents as if he were actually in prison.

Title: Confinement in irons.

Description: Whenever the Superintendent considers it necessary (with reference either to the state of the prison or the character of the prisoners) for the safe custody of any prisoners that they should be confined in irons, he may, subject to such rules and instructions as may be laid down by the Inspector General with the sanction of the State Government, so confine them.