Section 41 in The Prisons Act, 1894

Title: Search of visitors.

Description: (1) The Jailer may demand the name and address of any visitor to prisoner, and, when the Jailer has any ground for suspicion, may search any visitor, or cause him to be searched, but the search shall not be made in the presence of any prisoner or of another visitor. (2) In case of any such visitor refusing to permit himself to be searched, the Jailer may deny him admission; and the grounds of such proceeding, with the particulars thereof, shall be entered in such record as the State Government may direct.

Title: Penalty for introduction or removal of prohibited articles into or from prison and communication with prisoners.

Description: Whoever, contrary to any rule under section 1[59] introduces or removes or attempts by any means whatever to introduce or remove, into or from any prison, or supplies or attempts to supply to any prisoner outside the limits of a prison, any prohibited article, and every officer of a prison who, contrary to any such rule, knowingly suffers any such article to be introduced into or removed from any prison, to be possessed by any prisoner, or to be supplied to any prisoner outside the limits of a prison, and whoever, contrary to any such rule, communicates or attempts to communicate with any prisoner, and whoever abets any offence made punishable by this section, shall, on conviction before a Magistrate, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or to fine not exceeding two hundred rupees, or to both. 1 Subs. by the A. O, 1937, for "60".

Title: Power to arrest for offence under section.

Description: When any person, in the presence of any officer of a prison, commits any offence specified in the last foregoing section, and refuses on demand of such officer to state his name and residence, or gives a name or residence which such officer knows, or has reason to believe, to be false, such officer may arrest him, and shall without unnecessary delay make him over to a Police-officer, and thereupon such Police-officer shall proceed as if the offence had been committed in his presence.

Title: Publication of penalties.

Description: The Superintendent shall cause to be affixed, in a conspicuous place outside the prison, a notice in English and the Vernacular setting forth the acts prohibited under section 42 and the penalties incurred by their commission.

Title: Prison-offences.

Description: The following acts are declared to be prison-offences when committed by a prisoner :— (1) such wilful disobedience to any regulation of the prison as shall have been declared by rules made under section 59 to be a prison-offence ; (2) any assault or use of criminal force ; (3) the use of insulting or threatening language ; (4) immoral or indecent or disorderly behaviour ; (5) wilfully disabling himself from labour ; (6) contumaciously refusing to work ; (7) filling, cutting, altering or removing handcuffs, fetters or bars without due authority ; (8) wilful idleness or negligence at work by any prisoner sentenced to rigorous imprisonment ; (9) wilful mismanagement of work by any prisoner sentenced to rigorous imprisonment ; (10) wilful damage to prison-property ; (11) tampering with or defacing history-tickets, records or documents ; (12) receiving, possessing or transferring any prohibited article ; (13) feigning illness ; (14) wilfully bringing a false accusation against any officer or prisoner ; (15) omitting or refusing to report, as soon as it comes to his knowledge, the occurrence of any fire, any plot or conspiracy, any escape, attempt or preparation to escape, and any attack or preparation for attack upon any prisoner or prison-official ; and (16) conspiring to escape, or to assist in escaping, or to commit any other of the offences aforesaid.