Section 15 in The Prisons Act, 1894

Title: Report on death of prisoner.

Description: On the death of any prisoner, the Medical Officer shall forthwith record in a register the following particulars, so far as they can be ascertained, namely :— (1) the day on which the deceased first complained of illness or was observed to be ill, (2) the labour, if any, on which he was engaged on that day, (3) the scale of his diet on that day, (4) the day on which he was admitted to hospital, (5) the day on which the Medical Officer was first informed of the illness, (6) the nature of the disease, (7) when the deceased was last seen before his death by the Medical Officer or Medical Subordinate, (8) when the prisoner died, and (9) (in cases where a post-mortem examination is made) an account of the appearances after death, together with any special remarks that appear to the Medical Officer to be required.

Title: Jailer

Description: (1) The Jailer shall reside in the prison, unless the Superintendent permits him in writing to reside elsewhere. (2) The Jailer shall not, without the Inspector General's sanction in writing, be concerned in any other employment.

Title: Jailer to give notice of death of prisoner.

Description: Upon the death of a prisoner, the Jailer shall give immediate notice thereof to the Superintendent and the Medical Subordinate.

Title: Responsibility of Jailer.

Description: The Jailer shall be responsible for the safe custody of the records to be kept under section 12, for the commitment warrants and all other documents confided to his care, and for the money and other articles taken from prisoners.

Title: Jailer to be present at night.

Description: The Jailer shall not be absent from the prison for a night without permission in writing from the Superintendent but, if absent without leave for a night from unavoidable necessity, he shall immediately report the fact and the cause of it to the Superintendent.