Section 13 in The Prisons Act, 1894

Title: Duties of Medical Officer.

Description: Subject to the control of the Superintendent, the Medical Officer shall have charge of the sanitary administration of the prison, and shall perform such 1duties as may be prescribed by rules made by the State Government under section 2[59]. 1. For rules as to Medical Officer's duties under s. 13, see different local Rules and Orders. 2. Subs. by the A O. 1937, for "60".

Title: Medical Officer to report in certain cases.

Description: Whenever the Medical Officer has reason to believe that the mind of a prisoner is, or is likely to be, injuriously affected by the discipline or treatment to which he is subjected, the Medical Officer shall report the case in writing to the Superintendent, together with such observations as he may think proper. This report, with the orders of the Superintendent thereon, shall forthwith be sent to the Inspector General for information.

Title: Report on death of prisoner.

Description: On the death of any prisoner, the Medical Officer shall forthwith record in a register the following particulars, so far as they can be ascertained, namely :— (1) the day on which the deceased first complained of illness or was observed to be ill, (2) the labour, if any, on which he was engaged on that day, (3) the scale of his diet on that day, (4) the day on which he was admitted to hospital, (5) the day on which the Medical Officer was first informed of the illness, (6) the nature of the disease, (7) when the deceased was last seen before his death by the Medical Officer or Medical Subordinate, (8) when the prisoner died, and (9) (in cases where a post-mortem examination is made) an account of the appearances after death, together with any special remarks that appear to the Medical Officer to be required.

Title: Jailer

Description: (1) The Jailer shall reside in the prison, unless the Superintendent permits him in writing to reside elsewhere. (2) The Jailer shall not, without the Inspector General's sanction in writing, be concerned in any other employment.

Title: Jailer to give notice of death of prisoner.

Description: Upon the death of a prisoner, the Jailer shall give immediate notice thereof to the Superintendent and the Medical Subordinate.