Section 30 in The Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research Act, 2011

Title: Ordinances

Description: (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and the Statutes, the Ordinances of the Academy may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:-- (a) the admission of the students; (b) the courses of study; (c) the conditions under which students shall be admitted and shall be eligible for degrees, diplomas and certificates and to the examinations of the Academy, and shall be eligible for the degrees, diplomas and certificates; (d) the conditions of award of the fellowships, scholarships, medals and prizes; (e) the condition and mode of appointment and duties of examining bodies, examiners and moderators; (f) the conduct of examinations; (g) the maintenance of discipline among students of the Academy; (h) any other matter which by this Act or the Statute, is to be, or, may be, provided for by the Ordinances. (2) Save as otherwise provided in this section, Ordinances shall be made by the Senate. (3) All Ordinances made by the Senate shall have the effect from such date as it may direct, but every Ordinance so made shall be submitted, as soon as may be, to the Board and shall be considered by the Board in its subsequent meeting. (4) The Board shall have the power by resolution to modify or cancel or rescind any of the Ordinances and such Ordinances shall, from the date of such resolution stand modified accordingly or cancelled or rescinded, as the case may be.

Title: Review of functioning of Academy.

Description: (1) There shall be a review of the functioning of the Academy once in every four years by persons of eminence to be appointed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. (2) The Academy shall meet the expenses for conducting the review under sub-section (1) and upon receipt of the report of such review, the Board may take appropriate action. (3) In addition to the review under sub-section (1), the Board may conduct review of functioning of administrative and academic wings of the Academy, in such manner and at such intervals, as may be provided in the Statutes.

Title: Appointments

Description: All appointments of the staff of the Academy (except appointment of the Director), shall be made in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Statute, by— (a) the Board for the academic staff; (b) the Director, in any other case.

Title: Conditions of service.

Description: (1) Every employee of the Academy shall be appointed on contractual basis under a written contract, which shall be lodged with the Academy and a copy of which shall be furnished to the employee concerned: Provided that all scientists and other employees of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research engaged in the service of the Academy shall be governed by the service conditions, rules and regulations of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. (2) The Academy shall have a flexible compensation system which recognises performance, as laid down in the Statutes, to bring the best talent in the Academy: Provided that the scientists of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research— (a) engaged in the service of the Academy; and (b) who draw their salary from the Council, shall be eligible for such allowances or honorarium, as may be determined by the Statute.

Title: Arbitration

Description: (1) Any dispute arising out of a contract between the Academy and any of its employees shall, at the request of the employee concerned or at the instance of the Academy, be referred to a Tribunal of Arbitration consisting of one member appointed by the Director, one member nominated by the employee, and such two arbitrators shall appoint the third arbitrator who shall act as the presiding arbitrator. (2) The arbitration under sub-section (1) shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (26 of 1996).

The Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research Act, 2011