Section 14 in The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore Act, 2012

Title: Functions of Institute.

Description: With a view to the promotion of the objects specified in section 13, the Institute may— (a) provide for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the science of modern medicine and other allied sciences including physical and biological sciences; (b) provide facilities for research in the various branches of such sciences; (c) provide for the teaching of humanities; (d) conduct experiments in new methods of medical education, both undergraduate and postgraduate, in order to arrive at high standard of such education; (e) specify courses and curricula for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies; (f) notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, establish and maintain,-- (i) one or more medical institutions with different departments staffed and equipped to undertake education and conduct research in different subjects, (ii) one or more well equipped hospitals to provide clinical services, (iii) nursing colleges staffed and equipped for the training of nurses, (iv) rural and urban health centres which will form centres for the field training of the medical and nursing students of the Institute, and (v) other institutions for the training of different types of health workers such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and medical technicians of various kinds; (g) trained teachers from different medical colleges in India; (h) hold examinations and grant such degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions and titles in undergraduate and postgraduate medical, nursing and allied specialities education as may be laid down in the regulations; (i) induct and appoint persons as professors, readers, lecturers and in posts of other description in accordance with regulations; (j) receive grants from the Government and gifts, donations, benefactions, bequests and transfers of properties, both movable and immovable, from donors, benefactors, testators or transferors, as the case may be; (k) deal with any property belonging to, or vested in, the Institute in any manner which is considered necessary for promoting the objects specified in section 12; (l) demand and receive with the prior approval of the Central Government such fees and other charges as may be specified; (m) construct quarters for its staff and allot such quarters to the staff in accordance with such regulations as may be made in this behalf; (n) borrow money, with the prior approval of the Central Government, on the security of the property of the Institute; (o) do all such other acts and things as may be necessary in furtherance of the objects specified in section 13.

Title: Vesting of property.

Description: (1) The properties of the National Institute of Mental Health and NeuroSciences, Bangalore, registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 (Katnataka Act XVII of 1960) shall, on the date of commencement of this Act, vest in the Institute. (2) All income and property of the Institute shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects thereof as set forth in this Act. (3) No portion of the income and property of the Institute shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of profit to the persons, who at any time, or have been members of the Institute: Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment of remuneration and other allowances to any member thereof or other persons for the services rendered to the Institute.

Title: Payment to Institute.

Description: The Central Government may, after due appropriation made by Parliament by law in this behalf, pay to the Institute in each financial year such sums of money and in such manner as may be considered necessary for the exercise of its powers and discharge of its functions under this Act.

Title: Fund of Institute

Description: (1) The Institute shall maintain a Fund to which shall be credited— (a) all moneys provided by the Central Government and the State Government of Karnataka; (b) all fees and other charges received by the Institute; (c) all moneys received by the Institute by way of grants, gifts, donations, benefactions, bequests or transfers; and (d) all moneys received by the Institute in any other manner or from any other source. (2) All moneys credited to the Fund shall be deposited in such banks or invested in such manner as the Institute may, with the approval of the Central Government, decide. (3) The Fund shall be applied towards meeting the expenses of the Institute including expenses incurred in the exercise of its powers and discharge of its functions under section 14.

Title: Budget of Institute.

Description: The Institute shall prepare in such form and at such time every year a budget in respect of the financial year next ensuing showing the estimated receipts and expenditure of the Institute and shall forward to the Central Government such number of copies thereof as may be prescribed.

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore Act, 2012