Section 83 in The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Title: Examination of application by resolution professional.

Description: (1) The resolution professional shall examine the application made under section 80 within ten days of his appointment, and submit a report to the Adjudicating Authority, either recommending acceptance or rejection of the application. (2) The report referred to in sub-section (1) shall contain the details of the amounts mentioned in the application which in the opinion of the resolution professional are— (a) qualifying debts; and (b) liabilities eligible for discharge under sub-section (3) of section 92. (3) The resolution professional may call for such further information or explanation in connection with the application as may be required from the debtor or any other person who, in the opinion of the resolution professional, may provide such information. (4) The debtor or any other person, as the case may be, shall furnish such information or explanation within seven days of receipt of the request under sub-section (3). (5) The resolution professional shall presume that the debtor is unable to pay his debts at the date of the application if— (a) in his opinion the information supplied in the application indicates that the debtor is unable to pay his debts and he has no reason to believe that the information supplied is incorrect or incomplete; and (b) he has reason to believe that there is no change in the financial circumstances of the debtor since the date of the application enabling the debtor to pay his debts. (6) The resolution professional shall reject the application, if in his opinion— (a) the debtor does not satisfy the conditions specified under section 80; or (b) the debts disclosed in the application by the debtor are not qualifying debts; or (c) the debtor has deliberately made a false representation or omission in the application or with respect to the documents or information submitted. (7) The resolution professional shall record the reasons for recommending the acceptance or rejection of the application in the report to the Adjudicating Authority under sub-section (1) and shall give a copy of the report to the debtor.

Title: Admission or rejection of application by Adjudicating Authority.

Description: (1) The Adjudicating Authority may within fourteen days from the date of submission of the report by the resolution professional, pass an order either admitting or rejecting the application made under sub-section (1) of section 81. (2) The order passed under sub-section (1) accepting the application shall state the amount which has been accepted as qualifying debts by the resolution professional and other amounts eligible for discharge under section 92 for the purposes of the fresh start order. (3) A copy of the order passed by the Adjudicating Authority under sub-section (1) along with a copy of the application shall be provided to the creditors mentioned in the application within seven days of the passing of the order.

Title: Effect of admission of application.

Description: (1) On the date of admission of the application, the moratorium period shall commence in respect of all the debts. (2) During the moratorium period— (a) any pending legal action or legal proceeding in respect of any debt shall be deemed to have been stayed; and (b) subject to the provisions of section 86, the creditors shall not initiate any legal action or proceedings in respect of any debt. (3) During the moratorium period, the debtor shall— (a) not act as a director of any company, or directly or indirectly take part in or be concerned in the promotion, formation or management of a company; (b) not dispose of or alienate any of his assets; (c) inform his business partners that he is undergoing a fresh start process; (d) be required to inform prior to entering into any financial or commercial transaction of such value as may be notified by the Central Government, either individually or jointly, that he is undergoing a fresh start process; (e) disclose the name under which he enters into business transactions, if it is different from the name in the application admitted under section 84; (f) not travel outside India except with the permission of the Adjudicating Authority. (4) The moratorium ceases to have effect at the end of the period of one hundred and eighty days beginning with the date of admission unless the order admitting the application is revoked under sub-section (2) of section 91.

Title: Objections by creditor and their examination by resolution professional.

Description: (1) Any creditor mentioned in the order of the Adjudicating Authority under section 84 to whom a qualifying debt is owed may, within a period of ten days from the date of receipt of the order under section 84, object only on the following grounds, namely:— (a) inclusion of a debt as a qualifying debt; or (b) incorrectness of the details of the qualifying debt specified in the order under section 84. (2) A creditor may file an objection under sub-section (1) by way of an application to the resolution professional. (3) The application under sub-section (2) shall be supported by such information and documents as may be prescribed. (4) The resolution professional shall consider every objection made under this section. (5) The resolution professional shall examine the objections under sub-section (2) and either accept or reject the objections, within ten days of the date of the application. (6) The resolution professional may examine any matter that appears to him to be relevant to the making of a final list of qualifying debts for the purposes of section 92. (7) On the basis of the examination under sub-section (5) or sub-section (6), the resolution professional shall— (a) prepare an amended list of qualifying debts for the purpose of the discharge order; (b) make an application to the Adjudicating Authority for directions under section 90; or (c) take such other steps as he considers necessary in relation to the debtor.

Title: Application against decision of resolution professional.

Description: (1) The debtor or the creditor who is aggrieved by the action taken by the resolution professional under section 86 may, within ten days of such decision, make an application to the Adjudicating Authority challenging such action on any of the following grounds, namely:— (a) that the resolution professional has not given an opportunity to the debtor or the creditor to make a representation; or (b) that the resolution professional colluded with the other party in arriving at the decision; or (c) that the resolution professional has not complied with the requirements of section 86. (2) The Adjudicating Authority shall decide the application referred to in sub-section (1) within fourteen days of such application, and make an order as it deems fit. (3) Where the application under sub-section (1) has been allowed by the Adjudicating Authority, it shall forward its order to the Board and the Board may take such action as may be required under Chapter VI of Part IV against the resolution professional.