Section 90 in The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013

Title: Offences to be cognizable only on complaint filed by certain persons.

Description: No court shall take cognizance of any offence under this Act which is alleged to have been committed by a Requiring Body except on a complaint in writing made by the Collector or any other officer authorised by the appropriate Government or any member of the affected family.

Title: Magistrate to enforce surrender.

Description: If the Collector is opposed or impeded in taking possession under this Act of any land, he shall, if a Magistrate, enforce the surrender of the land to himself, and if not a Magistrate, he shall apply to a Magistrate or to the Commissioner of Police, and such Magistrate or Commissioner, as the case may be, shall enforce the surrender of the land to the Collector.

Title: Service of notice.

Description: (1) Save as otherwise provided in section 66, the service of any notice under this Act shall be made by delivering or tendering a copy thereof signed, in the case of a notice, by the officer therein mentioned, and, in the case of any other notice, by order of the Collector. (2) Whenever it may be practicable, the service of the notice shall be made on the person therein named. (3) When such person cannot be found, the service may be made on any adult member of his family residing with him; and, if no such adult member can be found, the notice may be served by fixing the copy on the outer door of the house in which the person therein named ordinarily dwells or carries on business, or by fixing a copy thereof in some conspicuous place in the office of the officer aforesaid or of the Collector or in the court-house, and also in some conspicuous part of the land to be acquired: Provided that, if the Collector or Judge shall so direct, a notice may be sent by post, in a letter addressed to the person named therein at his last known residence, address or place of business and also publish the same in at least two national daily newspapers and also on his website.

Title: Completion of acquisition not compulsory, but compensation to be awarded when not completed

Description: (1) The appropriate Government shall be at liberty to withdraw from the acquisition of any land of which possession has not been taken. (2) Whenever the appropriate Government withdraws from any such acquisition, the Collector shall determine the amount of compensation due for the damage suffered by the owner in consequence of the notice or of any proceedings thereunder, and shall pay such amount to the person interested, together with all costs reasonably incurred by him in the prosecution of the proceedings under this Act relating to the said land.

Title: Acquisition of part of house or building.

Description: (1) The provisions of this Act shall not be put in force for the purpose of acquiring a part only of any house, manufactory or other building, if the owner desires that the whole of such house, manufactory or building shall be so acquired: Provided that, if any question shall arise as to whether any land proposed to be taken under this Act does or does not form part of a house, manufactory or building within the meaning of this section, the Collector shall refer the determination of such question to the Authority concerned and shall not be taken possession of such land until after the question has been determined. (2) In deciding on such a reference made under the proviso to sub-section (1), the Authority concerned shall have regard to the question whether the land proposed to be taken, is reasonably required for the full and unimpaired use of the house, manufactory or building. (3) If, in the case of any claim under this Act, by a person interested, on account of the severing of the land to be acquired from his other land, the appropriate Government is of opinion that the claim is unreasonable or excessive, it may, at any time before the Collector has made his award, order the acquisition of the whole of the land of which the land first sought to be acquired forms a part. (4) In the case of any acquisition of land so required no fresh declaration or other proceedings under sections 11 to 19, (both inclusive) shall be necessary; but the Collector shall without delay furnish a copy of the order of the appropriate Government to the person interested, and shall thereafter proceed to make his award under section 23.