Section 76 in The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013

Title: Dispute as to apportionment.

Description: When the amount of compensation has been settled, if any dispute arises as to the apportionment of the same or any part thereof, or as to the persons to whom the same or any part thereof is payable, the Collector may refer such disputes to the Authority.

Title: Payment of compensation or deposit of same in Authority.

Description: (1) On making an award under section 30, the Collector shall tender payment of the compensation awarded by him to the persons interested entitled thereto according to the award and shall pay it to them by depositing the amount in their bank accounts unless prevented by someone or more of the contingencies mentioned in sub-section (2). (2) If the person entitled to compensation shall not consent to receive it, or if there be no person competent to alienate the land, or if there be any dispute as to the title to receive the compensation or as to the apportionment of it, the Collector shall deposit the amount of the compensation in the Authority to which a reference under section 64 would be submitted: Provided that any person admitted to be interested may receive such payment under protest as to the sufficiency of the amount: Provided further that no person who has received the amount otherwise than under protest shall be entitled to make any application under sub-section (1) of section 64: Provided also that nothing herein contained shall affect the liability of any person, who may receive the whole or any part of any compensation awarded under this Act, to pay the same to the person lawfully entitled thereto.

Title: Investment of money deposited in respect of lands belonging to person incompetent to alienate

Description: (1) If any money is deposited in the Authority concerned under sub-section (2) of section 77 and it appears that the land in respect whereof the same was awarded belonged to any person who had no power to alienate the same, the Authority concerned shall— (a) order the money to be invested in the purchase of other lands to be held under the like title and conditions of ownership as the land in respect of which such money shall have been deposited was held; or (b) if such purchase cannot be effected forthwith, then in such Government of other approved securities as the Authority concerned shall think fit, and shall direct the payment of the interest or other proceeds arising from such investment to the person or persons who would for the time being have been entitled to the possession of the said land, and such moneys shall remain so deposited and invested until the same be applied— (i) in the purchase of such other lands as aforesaid; or (ii) in payment to any person or persons becoming absolutely entitled thereto. (2) In all cases of money deposited to which this section applies the Authority concerned shall order the costs of the following matters, including therein all reasonable charge and expenses incident thereon, to be paid by the Collector, namely:-- (a) the costs of such investments as aforesaid; (b) the costs of the orders for the payment of the interest or other proceeds of the securities upon which such moneys are for the time being invested, and for the payment out of the Authority concerned of the principal of such moneys, and of all proceedings relating thereto, except such as may be occasioned by litigation between adverse claimants.

Title: Investment of money deposited in other cases.

Description: When any money shall have been deposited in the Authority concerned under this Act for any cause other than the causes mentioned in section 78, the Authority may, on the application of any party interested or claiming an interest in such money, order the same to be invested in such Government or other approved securities as it may think proper, and paid in such manner as it may consider will give the parties interested therein the same benefit from it as they might have had from the land in respect whereof such money shall have been deposited or as near thereto as may be.

Title: Payment of interest.

Description: When the amount of such compensation is not paid or deposited on or before taking possession of the land, the Collector shall pay the amount awarded with interest thereon at the rate of nine per cent. per annum from the time of so taking possession until it shall have been so paid or deposited: Provided that if such compensation or any part thereof is not paid or deposited within a period of one year from the date on which possession is taken, interest at the rate of fifteen per cent. per annum shall be payable from the date or expiry of the said period of one year on the amount of compensation or part thereof which has not been paid or deposited before the date of such expiry.