Section 64 in The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013

Title: Reference to Authority.

Description: (1) Any person interested who has not accepted the award may, by written application to the Collector, require that the matter be referred by the Collector for the determination of the Authority, as the case may be, whether his objection be to the measurement of the land, the amount of the compensation, the person to whom it is payable, the rights of Rehabilitation and Resettlement under Chapters V and VI or the apportionment of the compensation among the persons interested: Provided that the Collector shall, within a period of thirty days from the date of receipt of application, make a reference to the appropriate Authority: Provided further that where the Collector fails to make such reference within the period so specified, the applicant may apply to the Authority, as the case may be, requesting it to direct the Collector to make the reference to it within a period of thirty days. (2) The application shall state the grounds on which objection to the award is taken: Provided that every such application shall be made— (a) person making it was present or represented before the Collector at the time when he made his award, within six weeks from the date of the Collectors award; (b) in other cases, within six weeks of the receipt of the notice from the Collector under section 21, or within six months from the date of the Collectors award, whichever period shall first expire: Provided further that the Collector may entertain an application after the expiry of the said period, within a further period of one year, if he is satisfied that there was sufficient cause for not filing it within the period specified in the first proviso.

Title: Collector‘s statement to Authority.

Description: (1) In making the reference, the Collector shall state for the information of the Authority, in writing under his hand— (a) the situation and extent of the land, with particulars of any trees, buildings or standing crops thereon; (b) the names of the persons whom he has reason to think interested in such land; (c) the amount awarded for damages and paid or tendered under section 13, and the amount of compensation awarded under the provisions of this Act; (d) the amount paid or deposited under any other provisions of this Act; and (e) if the objection be to the amount of the compensation, the grounds on which the amount of compensation was determined. (2) The statement under sub-section (1) shall be attached a schedule giving the particulars of the notices served upon, and of the statements in writing made or delivered by the persons interested respectively.

Title: Service of notice by Authority.

Description: The Authority shall thereupon cause a notice specifying the day on which the Authority will proceed to determine the objection, and directing their appearance before the Authority on that day, to be served on the following persons, namely:-- (a) the applicant; (b) all persons interested in the objection, except such (if any) of them as have consented without protest to receive payment of the compensation awarded; and (c) if the objection is in regard to the area of the land or to the amount of the compensation, the Collector.

Title: Restriction on scope of proceedings.

Description: The scope of the enquiry in every such proceeding shall be restricted to a consideration of the interest of the persons affected by the objection.

Title: Proceedings to be in public.

Description: Every such proceeding shall take place in public, and all persons entitled to practice in any Civil Court in the State shall be entitled to appear, plead and act (as the case may be) in such proceeding.