Section 33 in The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013

Title: Corrections to awards by Collector.

Description: (1) The Collector may at any time, but not later than six months from the date of award or where he has been required under the provisions of this Act to make a reference to the Authority under section 64, before the making of such reference, by order, correct any clerical or arithmetical mistakes in either of the awards or errors arising therein either on his own motion or on the application of any person interested or local authority: Provided that no correction which is likely to affect prejudicially any person shall be made unless such person has been given a reasonable opportunity of making representation in the matter. (2) The Collector shall give immediate notice of any correction made in the award so corrected to all the persons interested. (3) Where any excess amount is proved to have been paid to any person as a result of the correction made under sub-section (1), the excess amount so paid shall be liable to be refunded and in the case of any default or refusal to pay, the same may be recovered, as prescribed by the appropriate Government. STATE AMENDMENTS Andhra Pradesh In the principal Act, after section 33, the following new section 33 A shall be inserted, namely:--- "33A. Recovery of the amount wrongfully paid.---Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law, the authority in a reference under section 64 or the High Court in appeal under section 74, or any other authority in any legal proceedings find that the money has been wrongfully paid to any person under this Act, the State Government or its authorized person or Collector shall recover the same as arrears of land revenue." [Vide Andhra Pradesh Act 22 of 2018, sec. 8 (w.e.f. 1-1-2014).]

Title: Adjournment of enquiry.

Description: The Collector may, for any cause he thinks fit, from time to time adjourn the enquiry to a day to be fixed by him.

Title: Power to summon and enforce attendance of witnesses and production of documents.

Description: For the purpose of enquiries under this Act, the Collector shall have powers to summon and enforce the attendance of witnesses, including the parties interested of any of them, and to compel the production of documents by the same means, and (so far as may be) in the same manner as is provided in the case of a Civil Court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908).

Title: Power to call for records, etc.

Description: The appropriate Government may at any time before the award is made by the Collector under section 30 call for any record of any proceedings (whether by way of inquiry or otherwise) for the purpose of satisfying itself as to the legality or propriety of any findings or order passed or as to the regularity of such proceedings and may pass such order or issue such direction in relation thereto as it may think fit: Provided that the appropriate Government shall not pass or issue any order or direction prejudicial to any person without affording such person a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

Title: Awards of Collector when to be final.

Description: (1) The Awards shall be filed in the Collectors office and shall, except as hereinafter provided, be final and conclusive evidence, as between the Collector and the persons interested, whether they have respectively appeared before the Collector or not, of the true area and market value of the land and the assets attached thereto, solatium so determined and the apportionment of the compensation among the persons interested. (2) The Collector shall give immediate notice of his awards to such of the persons interested who are not present personally or through their representatives when the awards are made. (3) The Collector shall keep open to the public and display a summary of the entire proceedings undertaken in a case of acquisition of land including the amount of compensation awarded to each individual along with details of the land finally acquired under this Act on the website created for this purpose.