Section 40 in The Rashtriya Raksha University Act, 2020.

Title: Tribunal of Arbitration for employees.

Description: (1) Every employee of the University shall be appointed under a written contract, which shall be retained by the University and a copy of the same shall be given to the employee concerned. (2) Any dispute arising out of the contract between the University and any employee shall, at the request of the employee, be referred to a Tribunal of Arbitration consisting of one member appointed by the Executive Council, one member nominated by the employee concerned and chaired by an umpire appointed by the Governing Body. (3) The decision of the Tribunal of Arbitration shall be final and no suit shall lie in any civil court in respect of the matters decided by the said Tribunal: Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall preclude the employee from availing of the judicial remedies available under articles 32 and 226 of the Constitution. (4) Every request made by the employee under sub-section (2) shall be deemed to be a submission to arbitration upon the terms of this section within the meaning of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (26 of 1996). (5) The procedure for regulating the work of the Tribunal shall be laid down in the Statutes.

Title: Redressal for debarment from examination and disciplinary action against students.

Description: (1) Any student or candidate for an examination whose name has been removed from the rolls of the University by an order of the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the disciplinary committee or examination committee, as the case may be, and who has been debarred from appearing at the examinations of the University for more than one year, may, within ten days of the date of receipt of such order by him, appeal to the Governing Body and the Governing Body may confirm, modify or reverse the decision of the Vice-Chancellor. (2) Any dispute arising out of any disciplinary action taken by the University against a student shall, at the request of such student, be referred to a Tribunal of Arbitration and the provisions of sub-sections (2), (3), (4) and (5) of section 40 shall apply to a reference made under this sub-section.

Title: Disputes as to constitution of authorities and bodies.

Description: If any question arises as to whether any person has been duly elected or appointed as, or is entitled to be, a member of any authority or other body of the University, the matter shall be referred to the Central Government, and the decision of that Government thereon shall be final.

Title: Power of Central Government to make rules in respect of matters relating to Governing Body.

Description: (1) The Central Government may, after previous publication, make rules to carry out the purposes relating to Governing Body. (2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such rules may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:-- (a) the manner of filling vacancies among the members of the Governing Body; (b) the disqualifications for being chosen as, and for being a member of the Governing Body; (c) the circumstances in which, and the authority by which, members may be removed; (d) the meetings of the Governing Body and the procedure for conduct of business; (e) the travelling and other allowances payable to members of the Governing Body; and (f) the manner in which functions of the Governing Body may be exercised.

Title: Acts and proceeding not to be invalidated by vacancies, etc.

Description: No act of the Governing Body or any other body set up under this Act or the Statutes, shall be invalid merely by reason of— (a) any vacancy in, or defect in the constitution thereof; or (b) any defect in the election, nomination or appointment of a person acting as a member thereof; or (c) any irregularity in its procedure not affecting the merits of the case.

The Rashtriya Raksha University Act, 2020.