Section 48 in The National Forensic Sciences University Act, 2020

Title: Acts and proceeding not to be invalidated by vacancies, etc.

Description: No act of the Board of Governors or any other body set up under this Act or the Statutes, shall be invalid merely by reason of— (a) any vacancy in, or defect in the constitution thereof; or (b) any defect in the election, nomination or appointment of a person acting as a member thereof; or (c) any irregularity in its procedure not affecting the merits of the case

Title: University to be a public authority under Right to Information Act.

Description: The provisions of Right to Information Act, 2005 (22 of 2005) shall apply to the University, as it were a public authority defined in clause (h) of section 2 of that Act.

Title: Protection of action taken in good faith.

Description: No suit or other legal proceedings shall lie against any officer or other employee of the University for anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done in pursuance of any of the provisions of this Act or Statutes or Ordinances made thereunder.

Title: Power of Central Government to issue directions.

Description: (1) The University shall, in discharge of its functions under this Act, be bound by such directions on questions of policy as the Central Government may give in writing to it from time to time. (2) The decision of the Central Government as to whether a question is one of policy or not shall be final.

Title: Residuary provision.

Description: (1) The Board of Governors shall have the authority to deal with any matter pertaining to the University and not specifically dealt with in this Act. (2) The decision of the Board of Governors on all such matters shall be final.