Section 10 in The National Forensic Sciences University Act, 2020

Title: Admission of students.

Description: (1) It shall be the endeavor of the University to maintain an all-India character, and high standards of teaching and research. (2) Admission of students for courses in University shall be made on an all-India basis in such manner as may be specified in the Ordinances.

Title: Teaching at University.

Description: All teaching at the University and its campuses or affiliated colleges shall be conducted by and in the name of the University in accordance with the Statutes and Ordinances made in this behalf.

Title: Authorities of University.

Description: The following shall be the authorities of the University, namely:-- (a) Chancellor; (b) Court; (c) Board of Governors; (d) Academic Council; (e) Board for Affiliation and Recognition; (f) Finance Committee; and (g) such other authorities as may laid down in the Statutes to be the authorities of the University.

Title: Chancellor

Description: (1) The Central Government may, by notification, appoint a person of eminence as the Chancellor of the University in consultation with such State Governments as it deems fit. (2) The Chancellor shall, by virtue of his office, be the Head of the University and shall preside at the convocations of the University held for conferring degrees. (3) The Chancellor may invite any person or persons of eminence to advise the University in relation to the affairs of the University as and when necessary. (4) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the Chancellor may order or undertake an inspection or inquiry, if he deems it necessary. (5) The Chancellor shall have such other powers as may be laid down in the Statutes.

Title: Court

Description: (1) The Central Government shall, by notification, constitute a Court for the University to be headed by the Chancellor. (2) The members of the Court shall be nominated by the Central Government, in consultation with such State Governments as it deems fit, from amongst persons of eminence, including from the fields of forensics, bio-technology, criminal justice, law enforcement, technology and academia. (3) The term of office of members of the Court shall be such as may be laid down in the Statutes. (4) The Vice-Chancellor shall be the convenor of the Court. (5) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Court shall have the following powers and perform the following functions, namely:-- (a) to review, from time to time, the broad policies and programmes of the University, and to suggest measures for the improvement and development of the University; (b) to consider and pass resolutions on the annual report and the annual accounts of the University and the audit report on such accounts; and (c) to perform such other functions as may be laid down in the Statutes. (6) The Court shall meet at least once in a year.