Section 8 in The School of Planning and Architecture Act, 2014

Title: Schools to be open to all races, creeds and classes.

Description: (1) Every School shall be open to persons of either sex and of whatever race, creed, caste or class, religion, disability, domicile, ethnicity, social or economic background. (2) No bequest, donation or transfer of any property shall be accepted by any School, which in the opinion of the Council involves conditions or obligations opposed to the spirit and object of this section.

Title: Teaching at Schools.

Description: All teaching at each of the Schools shall be conducted by or in the name of the School in accordance with the Statutes and Ordinances made in this behalf.

Title: School to be a distinct legal entity not-for-profit.

Description: Each School shall be a not-for-profit legal entity and no part of the surplus, if any, in revenue of such School, after meeting all expenditure in regard to its operations under this Act, shall be invested for any purpose other than for the growth and development of such School or for conducting research therein.

Title: Visitor

Description: (1) The President of India shall be the Visitor of every School. (2) The Visitor may appoint one or more persons to review the work and progress of any School and to hold inquiries into the affairs thereof and to report thereon in such manner as the Visitor may direct. (3) Upon receipt of any such report, the Visitor may take such action and issue such directions as he considers necessary in respect of any of the matters dealt with in the report and the School shall be bound to comply with such directions within reasonable time.

Title: Authorities of Schools.

Description: The following shall be the authorities of a School, namely:— (a) a Board of Governors; (b) a Senate; and (c) such other authorities as may be declared by the Statutes to be the authorities of the School.