Section 88 in The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014

Title: Power of Board to make regulations.

Description: The Board may make regulations consistent with the Act and the rules made thereunder, to provide for— (a) regulating the time and place of meetings of the Board and the procedure to be followed for the transaction of business at such meetings; (b) delegation of powers and duties of the Chairman or any officer of the Board; (c) the appointment and regulation of the conditions of service of the officers and other staff of the Board; (d) any other matter for which regulations are considered necessary by the Board.

Title: Allocation of water resources.

Description: The term of the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal shall be extended with the following terms of reference, namely:–– (a) shall make project-wise specific allocation, if such allocation have not been made by a Tribunal constituted under the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956 (33 of 1956); (b) shall determine an operational protocol for project-wise release of water in the event of deficit flows. Explanation.––For the purposes of this section, it is clarified that the project specific awards already made by the Tribunal on or before the appointed day shall be binding on the successor States.

Title: Polavaram Irrigation Project to be a national project.

Description: (1) The Polavaram Irrigation Project is hereby declared to be a national project. (2) It is hereby declared that it is expedient in the public interest that the Union should take under its control the regulation and development of the Polavaram Irrigation Project for the purposes of irrigation. (3) The consent for Polavaram Irrigation Project shall be deemed to have been given by the successor State of Telangana. (4) The Central Government shall execute the project and obtain all requisite clearances including environmental, forests, and rehabilitation and resettlement norms.

Title: Arrangements on Tungabhadra Board.

Description: (1) The Governments of the successor States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana shall replace the existing State of Andhra Pradesh on the Tungabhadra Board. (2) The Tungabhadra Board shall continue to monitor the release of water to High Level Canal, Low Level Canal and Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme

Title: Successor States to follow principles, guidelines, etc., issued by Central Government.

Description: The principles, guidelines, directions and orders issued by the Central Government, on and from the appointed day, on matters relating to coal, oil and natural gas, and power generation, transmission and distribution as enumerated in the Twelfth Schedule shall be implemented by the successor States.