Section 65 in The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014

Title: Apportionment of assets or liabilities by agreement.

Description: Where the successor States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana agree that the benefit or burden of any particular asset or liability should be apportioned between them in a manner other than that provided for in the foregoing provisions of this Part, notwithstanding anything contained therein, the benefit or burden of that asset or liability shall be apportioned in the manner agreed upon.

Title: Power of Central Government to order allocation or adjustment in certain cases

Description: Where, by virtue of any of the provisions of this Part, either of the successor States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana becomes entitled to any property or obtains any benefits or becomes subject to any liability, and the Central Government is of opinion, on a reference made within a period of three years from the appointed day by either of the States, that it is just and equitable that such property or those benefits should be transferred to, or shared with, the other successor State, or that a contribution towards that liability should be made by the other successor State, the said property or benefits shall be allocated in such manner between the two States, or the other State shall make to the State subject to the liability such contribution in respect thereof, as the Central Government may, after consultation with the two State Governments, by order, determine.

Title: Certain expenditure to be charged on Consolidated Fund.

Description: All sums payable by the State of Andhra Pradesh or by the State of Telangana, as the case may be, to the other State, or by the Central Government to the successor States, by virtue of the provisions of this Act, shall be charged on the Consolidated Fund of the State by which such sums are payable or, as the case may be, the Consolidated Fund of India.

Title: Provisions for various companies and corporations.

Description: (1) The companies and corporations specified in the Ninth Schedule constituted for the existing State of Andhra Pradesh shall, on and from the appointed day, continue to function in those areas in respect of which they were functioning immediately before that day, subject to the provisions of this section. (2) The assets, rights and liabilities of the companies and corporations referred to in sub-section (1) shall be apportioned between the successor States in the manner provided in section 53.

Title: Continuance of arrangements in regard to generation and supply of electric power and supply of water.

Description: If it appears to the Central Government that the arrangement in regard to the generation or supply of electric power or the supply of water for any area or in regard to the execution of any project for such generation or supply has been or is likely to be modified to the disadvantage of that area by reason of the fact that it is, by virtue of the provisions of Part II, outside the State in which the power stations and other installations for the generation and supply of such power, or the catchment area, reservoirs and other works for the supply of water, as the case may be, are located, the Central Government may, after consultation with the Governments of the successor States wherever necessary, give such directions as it deems proper to the State Government or other authority concerned for the maintenance, so far as practicable, of the previous arrangement and the State to which such directions are given shall comply with them.