Section 51 in Indian Penal Codes

Title: "Oath"

Description: The word “oath” includes a solemn affirmation sub­stituted by law for an oath, and any declaration required or authorized by law to be made before a public servant or to be used for the purpose of proof, whether in a Court of Justice or not

Title: "Good faith"

Description: Nothing is said to be done or believed in “good faith” which is done or believed without due care and attention

Title: "Harbour"

Description: Except in section 157, and in section 130 in the case in which the harbour is given by the wife or husband of the person harboured, the word “harbour” includes the supplying a person with shelter, food, drink, money, clothes, arms, ammuni­tion or means or conveyance, or the assisting a person by any means, whether of the same kind as those enumerated in this section or not, to evade apprehension

Title: Punishments

Description: The punishments to which offenders are liable under the provisions of this Code are— (First) — Death; 1[Secondly.—Imprisonment for life;] 2[***] (Fourthly) —Imprisonment, which is of two descriptions, namely:— (1) Rigorous, that is, with hard labour; (2) Simple; (Fifthly) —Forfeiture of property; (Sixthly) —Fine. 1[53A. Construction of reference to transportation.— (1) Subject to the provisions of sub-section (2) and sub-section (3), any reference to “transportation for life” in any other law for the time being in force or in any instrument or order having effect by virtue of any such law or of any enactment repealed shall be construed as a reference to “imprisonment for life”. (2) In every case in which a sentence of transportation for a term has been passed before the commencement of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2[1955] (26 of 1955), the offender shall be dealt with in the same manner as if sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for the same term. (3) Any reference to transportation for a term or to transporta­tion for any shorter term (by whatever name called) in any other law for the time being in force shall be deemed to have been omitted. (4) Any reference to “transportation” in any other law for the time being in force shall,— (a) if the expression means transportation for life, be construed as a reference to imprisonment for life; (b) if the expression means transportation for any shorter term, be deemed to have been omitted.]

Title: Commutation of sentence of death

Description: In every case in which sentence of death shall have been passed, 1[the appropriate Government] may, without the consent of the offender, commute the punishment for any other punishment provided by this Code