Section 49 in Indian Penal Codes

Title: "Year" "Month"

Description: Wherever the word “year” or the word “month” is used, it is to be understood that the year or the month is to be reckoned according to the British calendar

Title: "Section"

Description: The word “section” denotes one of those portions of a Chapter of this Code which are distinguished by prefixed numeral figures

Title: "Oath"

Description: The word “oath” includes a solemn affirmation sub­stituted by law for an oath, and any declaration required or authorized by law to be made before a public servant or to be used for the purpose of proof, whether in a Court of Justice or not

Title: "Good faith"

Description: Nothing is said to be done or believed in “good faith” which is done or believed without due care and attention

Title: "Harbour"

Description: Except in section 157, and in section 130 in the case in which the harbour is given by the wife or husband of the person harboured, the word “harbour” includes the supplying a person with shelter, food, drink, money, clothes, arms, ammuni­tion or means or conveyance, or the assisting a person by any means, whether of the same kind as those enumerated in this section or not, to evade apprehension