Section 69 in The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017

Title: Appeal to High Court against order of Authority

Description: Any mental health establishment aggrieved by an order of the Authority refusing to grant registration or renewal of registration or cancellation of registration, may, within a period of thirty days from such order, prefer an appeal to the High Court in the State: Provided that the High Court may entertain an appeal after the expiry of the said period of thirty days, if it is satisfied that the appellant had sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal within the period of thirty days.

Title: Certificates, fees and register of mental health establishments

Description: (1) Every mental health establishment shall display the certificate of registration in a conspicuous place in the mental health establishment in such manner so as to be visible to everyone visiting the mental health establishment. (2) In case the certificate is destroyed or lost or mutilated or damaged, the Authority may issue a duplicate certificate on the request of the mental health establishment and on the payment of such fees as may be prescribed. (3) The certificate of registration shall be non-transferable and valid in case of change of ownership of the establishment. (4) Any change of ownership of the mental health establishment shall be intimated to the Authority by the new owner within one month from the date of change of ownership. (5) In the event of change of category of the mental health establishment, such establishment shall surrender the certificate of registration to the Authority and the mental health establishment shall apply afresh for grant of certificate of registration in that category.

Title: Maintenance of register of mental health establishment in digital format

Description: The Authority shall maintain in digital format a register of mental health establishments, registered by the Authority, to be called the Register of Mental Health Establishments and shall enter the particulars of the certificate of registration so granted in a separate register to be maintained in such form and manner as may be prescribed.

Title: Duty of mental health establishment to display information

Description: (1) Every mental health establishment shall display within the establishment at conspicuous place (including on its website), the contact details including address and telephone numbers of the concerned Board. (2) Every mental health establishment shall provide the person with necessary forms to apply to the concerned Board and also give free access to make telephone calls to the Board to apply for a review of the admission.

Title: Constitution of Mental Health Review Boards

Description: (1) The State Authority shall, by notification, constitute Boards to be called the Mental Health Review Boards, for the purposes of this Act. (2) The requisite number, location and the jurisdiction of the Boards shall be specified by the State Authority in consultation with the State Governments concerned. (3) The constitution of the Boards by the State Authority for a district or group of districts in a State under this section shall be such as may be prescribed by the Central Government. (4) While making rules under sub-section (3), the Central Government shall have regard to the following, namely:— (a) the expected or actual workload of the Board in the State in which such Board is to be constituted; (b) number of mental health establishments existing in the State; (c) the number of persons with mental illness; (d) population in the district in which the Board is to be constituted; (e) geographical and climatic conditions of the district in which the Board is to be constituted.