Section 6 in The Mental Healthcare Act 2017

Title: Manner of making advance directive

Description: An advance directive shall be made in the manner as may be specified by the regulations made by the Central Authority.

Title: Maintenance of online register

Description: Subject to the provisions contained in clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 91, every Board shall maintain an online register of all advance directives registered with it and make them available to the concerned mental health professionals as and when required.

Title: Revocation amendment or cancellation of advance directive

Description: (1) An advance directive made under section 6 may be revoked, amended or cancelled by the person who made it at any time. (2) The procedure for revoking, amending or cancelling an advance directive shall be the same as for making an advance directive under section 6.

Title: Advance directive not to apply to emergency treatment

Description: The advance directive shall not apply to the emergency treatment given under section 103 to a person who made the advance directive

Title: Duty to follow advance directive

Description: It shall be the duty of every medical officer in charge of a mental health establishment and the psychiatrist in charge of a person's treatment to propose or give treatment to a person with mental illness, in accordance with his valid advance directive, subject to section 11.