Section 46 in The National Medical Commission Act 2019

Title: Power of Central Government to give directions to State Governments

Description: The Central Government may give such directions, as it may deem necessary, to a State Government for carrying out all or any of the provisions of this Act and the State Government shall comply with such directions.

Title: Information to be furnished by Commission and publication thereof

Description: (1) The Commission shall furnish such reports, copies of its minutes, abstracts of its accounts, and other information to the Central Government as that Government may require. (2) The Central Government may publish, in such manner as it may think fit, the reports, minutes, abstracts of accounts and other information furnished to it under sub-section (1).

Title: Obligation of universities and medical institutions

Description: Every University and medical institution governed under this Act shall maintain a website at all times and display on its website all such information as may be required by the Commission or an Autonomous Board, as the case may be.

Title: Completion of courses of studies in medical institutions

Description: (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, any student who was studying for a degree, diploma or certificate in any medical institution immediately before the commencement of this Act shall continue to so study and complete his course for such degree, diploma or certificate, and such institution shall continue to provide instructions and examination for such student in accordance with the syllabus and studies as existed before such commencement, and such student shall be deemed to have completed his course of study under this Act and shall be awarded degree, diploma or certificate under this Act. (2) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, where recognition granted to a medical institution has lapsed, whether by efflux of time or by its voluntary surrender or for any other reason whatsoever, such medical institution shall continue to maintain and provide the minimum standards required to be provided under this Act till such time as all candidates who are admitted in that medical institution complete their study.

Title: Joint sittings of Commission Central Councils of Homoeopathy and Indian medicine to enhance interface between their respective systems of medicine

Description: (1) There shall be a joint sitting of the Commission, the Central Council of Homoeopathy and the Central Council of Indian Medicine at least once a year, at such time and place as they mutually appoint, to enhance the interface between Homoeopathy, Indian Systems of Medicine and modern systems of medicine. (2) The agenda for the joint sitting may be prepared with mutual agreement between the Chairpersons of the Commission, the Central Council of Homoeopathy and the Central Council of Indian Medicine or be prepared separately by each of them. (3) The joint sitting referred to in sub-section (1) may, by an affirmative vote of all members present and voting, decide on approving specific educational modules or programmes that may be introduced in the undergraduate course and the postgraduate course across medical systems and promote medical pluralism.