Section 82 in Indian Evidence Act 1872

Title: Presumption as to document admissible in England without proof of seal or signature

Description: When any document is produced before any Court, purporting to be a document which, by the law in force for the time being in England or Ireland, would be admissible in proof of any particular in any Court of Justice in England or Ireland, without proof of the seal or stamp or signature authenticating it or of the judicial or official character claimed by the person by whom it purports to be signed, the Court shall presume that such seal, stamp or signature is genuine, and that the person signing it held, at the time when he signed it, the judicial or official character which he claims, and the document shall be admissible for the same purpose for which it would be admissible in England or Ireland.

Title: Presumption as to maps or plans made by authority of Government

Description: The Court shall presume that maps or plans purporting to be made by the authority of 1[the Central Government or any State Government] were so made, and are accurate; but maps or plans made for the purposes of any cause must be proved to be accurate. 1. The original word "Government" has successively been amended by the A.O. 1937, the A.O. 1948, Act 40 of 1949 and the A.O. 1950 to read as above.

Title: Presumption as to collections of laws and reports of decisions

Description: The Court shall presume the genuineness of every book purporting to be printed or published under the authority of the Government of any country, and to contain any of the laws of that country, and of every book purporting to contain reports of decisions of the Courts of such country.

Title: Presumptions as to powers of attorney

Description: The Court shall presume that every document purporting to be a power-of-attorney, and to have been executed before, and authenticated by, a Notary Public, or any Court, Judge, Magistrate, 1[Indian ]Consul or Vice-Consul, or representative 2 *** of the 3[Central Government], was so executed and authenticated. 1. Subs. by the A.O. 1950, for "British". 2. The Words "of Her Majesty, or" Rep. by ibid. 3. Subs. by the A.O. 1937, for "Government of India

Title: Presumption as to electronic agreements

Description: 1[85A. Presumption as to electronic agreements. -- The Court shall presume that every electronic record purporting to be an agreement containing the 2[electronic signature] of the parties was so concluded by affixing the 2[electronic signature] of the parties. 1. Ins by Act 21 of 2000, s. 92, and the Second Schedule (w.e.f. 17-10-2000). 2. Subs by Act 10 of 2009, s. 52(e), for "digital signature" (w.e.f. 27-10-2009).