Section 52 in Indian Divorce Act

Title: Competence of husband and wife to give evidence as to cruelty or desertion

Description: On any petition presented, 1[by a husband or a wife, praying that his or her marriage may be dissolved by reason of his wife or her husband, as the case may be, having been guilty of adultery, cruelty or desertion], the husband and wife respectively shall be competent and compellable to give evidence of or relating to such cruelty or desertion. 1. Subs. by Act 51 of 2001, s. 28, for certain words (w.e.f 3-10-2001).

Title:  Power to close doors

Description: The whole or any part of any proceeding under this Act may be heard, if the Court thinks fit, with closed doors.

Title: Power to adjourn

Description: The Court may, from time to time, adjourn the hearing of any petition under this Act, and may require further evidence thereon if it sees fit so to do.

Title: Enforcement of and appeals from orders and decrees

Description: All decrees and orders made by the Court in any suit or proceedings under this Act shall be enforced and may be appealed from, in the like manner as the decrees and orders of the Court made in the exercise of its original civil jurisdiction are enforced and may be appealed from, under the laws, rules and orders for the time being in force: 1 * * * * * No appeal as to costs.--2[Provided] that there shall be no appeal on the subject of costs only. 1. The first proviso omitted by Act 51 of 2001, s. 29 (w.e.f. 3-10-2001). 2. Subs. by s. 29, ibid., for "Provided also" (w.e.f. 3-10-2001).

Title: Appeal to the Supreme Court

Description: Any person may appeal to 1[the Supreme Court] from any decree (other than a decree nisi) or order under this Act of a High Court made on appeal or otherwise, and from any decree (other than a decree nisi) or order made in the exercise of original jurisdiction by Judges of a High Court or of any Division Court from which an appeal shall not lie to the High Court, when the High Court declares that the case is a fit one for appeal to 1[the Supreme Court.] 1. Subs. by the A.O. 1950, for "Her Majesty in Council".