Section 44 in Indian Divorce Act

Title: Power to make such orders after decree or confirmation

Description: 1[Where a decree of dissolution or nullity of marriage has been passed, the District Court may, upon application] by petition for the purpose, make from time to time all such orders and provisions, with respect to the custody, maintenance and education of the minor children, the marriage of whose parents was the subject of the decree, or for placing such children under the protection of the said court, as might have been made by such decree absolute or decree (as the case may be), or by such interim orders as aforesaid. 1. Subs. by, s. 26, ibid., for certain words (w.e.f. 3-10-2001).

Title: Code of Civil Procedure to apply

Description: Subject to the provisions herein contained, all proceedings under this Act between party and party shall be regulated by the 1[Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908).] 1. Subs. by Act 51 of 2001, s. 27, for "Code of Civil Procedure" (w.e.f. 3-10-2001)

Title: Forms of petitions and statements

Description: The forms set forth in the Schedule to this Act, with such variation as the circumstances of each case require, may be used for the respective purposes mentioned in such Schedule

Title: Petition to state absence of collusion

Description: Every petition under this Act for a decree of dissolution of marriage, or of nullity of marriage, or of judicial separation 1 *** shall 2 *** state that there is not any collusion or connivance between the petitioner and the other party to the marriage. Statements to be verified.--The statements contained in every petition under this Act shall be verified by the petitioner or some other competent person in manner required by law for the verification of plaints, and may at the hearing be referred to as evidence. 1. The Words "or of reversal of judicial separation, or for restitution of conjugal rights, or for damages, shall bear a stamp of five rupees, and" rep. by Act 7 of 1870, s. 2 and the Schedule III. 2. The words "in the first, second and third cases mentioned in this section," rep. by Act 7 of 1870, s. 2 and the Schedule III.

Title: Suits on behalf of lunatics

Description: When the husband or wife is a lunatic or idiot, any suit under this Act (other than a suit for restitution of conjugal rights) may be brought on his or her behalf by the committee or other person entitled to his or her custody.