Section 105 in The Negotiable Instruments Act

Title: Reasonable time

Description: In determining what is a reasonable time for presentment for acceptance or payment, for giving notice of dishonour and for noting, regard shall be had to the nature of the instrument and the usual course of dealing with respect to similar instruments; and, in calculating such time, public holidays shall be excluded.

Title: Reasonable time of giving notice of dishonour

Description: If the holder and the party to whom notice of dishonour is given carry on business or live (as the case may be) in different places, such notice is given within a reasonable time if it is dispatched by the next post or on the day next after the day of dishonour. If the said parties carry on business or live in the same place, such notice is given within a reasonable time if it is dispatched in time to reach its destination on the day next after the day of dishonour.

Title: Reasonable time for transmitting such notice

Description: A party receiving notice of dishonour, who seeks to enforce his right against a prior party, transmits the notice within a reasonable time if he transmits it within the same time after its receipt as he would have had to give notice if he had been the holder

Title: Acceptance for honour

Description: When a bill of exchange has been noted or protested for nonacceptance or for better security, any person not being a party already liable thereon may, with the consent of the holder, by writing on the bill, accept the same for the honour of any party thereto. 1*** 1. The second sentence rep. by s. 7, ibid,.

Title: How acceptance for honour must be made

Description: A person desiring to accept for honour must, 1[by writing on the bill under his hand, declare that he accepts under protest the protested bill for the honour of the drawer or of a particular indorser whom he names, or generally for honour. 2 *** 1. Subs. by s. 8, ibid., for in the presence of a notary public, subscribe the bill with his own hand, and. 2. The words and such declaration must be recorded by the notary in his register rep. by s. 8, ibid.