Section 29 in The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996

Title: Wages for overtime work

Description: (1) Where any building worker is required to work on any day in excess of the number of hours constituting a normal working day, he shall be entitled to wages at the rate of twice his ordinary rate of wages. (2) For the purposes of this section, "ordinary rates of wages" means the basic wages plus such allowances as the worker is for the time being entitled to but does not include any bonus.

Title: Maintenance of registers and records

Description: (1) Every employer shall maintain such registers and records giving such particulars of building workers employed by him, the work performed by them, the number of hours of work which shall constitute a normal working day for them, a day of rest in every period of seven days which shall be allowed to them, the wages paid to them, the receipts given by them and such other particulars in such form as my be prescribed. (2) Every employer shall keep exhibited, in such manner as may be prescribed, in the place where such workers may be employed, notices in the prescribed form containing the prescribed particulars. (3) The appropriate Government may, by rules, provide for the issue of wage books or wage slips to building workers employed in an establishment and prescribe the manner in which entries shall be made and authenticated in such wage books or wage slips by the employer or his agent.

Title: Prohibition of employment of certain persons in certain building or other construction work

Description: No person about whom the employer knows or has reason to believe that he is a deaf or he has a defective vision or he has a tendency to giddiness shall be required or allowed to work in any such operation of building or other construction work which is likely to involve a risk of any accident either to the building worker himself or to any other person.

Title: Drinking water

Description: (1) The employer shall make in every place where building or other construction work is in progress, effective arrangements to provide and maintain at suitable points conveniently situated for all persons employed therein, a sufficient supply of wholesome drinking water. (2) All such points shall be legibly marked "Drinking Water" in a language understood by a majority of the persons employed in such place and no such point shall be situated within six metres of any washing place, urinal or latrine.

Title: Latrines and urinals

Description: In every place where building or other construction work is carried on, the employer shall provide sufficient latrine and urinal accommodation of such types as may be prescribed and they shall be so conveniently situated as may be accessible to the building workers at all times while they are in such place: Provided that it shall not be necessary to provide separate urinals in any place where less than fifty persons are employed or where the latrines are connected to a water-borne sewage system.