Section 7 in The Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act, 1996

Title: Power of entry.

Description: Any officer or authority of the State Government specially empowered in this behalf by that Government may— (a) with such assistance, if any, as he or it may think fit, enter at any reasonable time any place where he or it considers it necessary to enter for carrying out the purposes of this Act including verification of the correctness of any particulars furnished by any employer under section 4; (b) do within such place anything necessary for the proper discharge of his or its duties under this Act; and (c) exercise such other powers as may be prescribed.

Title: Interest payable on delay in payment of cess

Description: If any employer fails to pay any amount of cess payable under section 3 within the time specified in the order of assessment, such employer shall be liable to pay interest on the amount to be paid at the rate of two per cent. for every month or part of a month comprised in the period from the date on which such payment is due till such amount is actually paid.

Title: Penalty for non-payment of cess within the specified time

Description: If any amount of cess payable by any employer under section 3 is not paid within the date specified in the order of assessment made under section 5, it shall be deemed to be in arrears and the authority prescribed in this behalf may, after making such inquiry as it deems fit, impose on such employer a penalty not exceeding the amount of cess: Provided that, before imposing any such penalty, such employer shall be given a reasonable opportunity of being heard and if after such hearing the said authority is satisfied that the default was for any good and sufficient reason, no penalty shall be imposed under this section.

Title: Recovery of amount due under the Act.

Description: Any amount due under this Act (including any interest or penalty) from an employer may be recovered in the same manner as an arrear of land revenue.

Title: Appeals

Description: (1) Any employer aggrieved by an order of assessment made under section 5 or by an order imposing penalty made under section 9 may, within such time as may be prescribed, appeal to such appellate authority in such form and in such manner as may be prescribed. (2) Every appeal preferred under sub-section (1) shall be accompanied by such fees as may be prescribed. (3) After the receipt of any appeal under sub-section (1), the appellate authority shall, after giving the appellant an opportunity of being heard in the matter, dispose of the appeal as expeditiously as possible. (4) Every order passed in appeal under this section shall be final and shall not be called in question in any court of law.

The Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act, 1996